Most users will stop using an app if they have a poor experience. Most developers only consider adding features and removing bugs when developing an app. If you or your team is making that mistake, you should immediately shift some of your focus to improving user experience. 

The product should be close to perfect if your business model is based on selling Software as a Service (SaaS). A few basic SaaS UX design practices can help your product succeed. Most users expect an app to provide the shortest and easiest way to reach their goals.

It is all about making things more simple for the users. That is why the Saas UX design should be intuitive and minimalistic. Before trying to understand how you can improve the SaaS UX, you should know why your app must have a great UX. 

Importance of creating a great UX design for your app

Why do some apps fail and others prevail? The UX design of your app can contribute to success or failure. An intuitive UX is likely to make your app a success. Here’s how having a good UX can make a difference. 

Increased Customer Retention- If your app has a smart UX, the customer will be able to see the value they are getting from your product. You should also ensure that the signup process is smooth and does not create any problems. This way, you can welcome new customers while retaining the old ones. Many apps are designed so poorly that most customers have trouble signing in. No wonder they uninstall it within minutes when the issue is not resolved. 

A simple user journey- A well-designed app allows the user to have a detailed yet simple experience. Features are aimed at reaching the possible target audiences. For example, if you are designing a business management app, it will probably be used by both management-level employees and executives. UX designers need to find a way to make the app easy to use for every user segment. 

Better access to data- It is essential for your clients to be able to access the key metrics properly. If the data in an app is visualised correctly, it does not seem to overwhelm the user but rather impresses them. 

Best Design Practices for SaaS UX

Most users want an app to help them reach their objectives rapidly and easily. However, if you are working to build an app, then you need to know specifics on how to improve your app. If you want to develop software that sells well, you should know about UX best practices that you can follow. 

  • Easy Navigation

The user should be able to find what they are looking for without problems. Your app should not feel like a maze where the user has lost themselves. If they feel unable to navigate your app correctly, most users will press the home button and delete it.

The home page should have all the important information and links to critical pages. The navigation instructions should be easy to understand. You should have information about what each icon means. This way, users can understand it. 

Without being able to navigate the app, a user will be unable to use the app. As a professional, you must ensure that your app has a simple navigation. 

  • Easy registration process

Your customers will be irritated if the signup process for your app is lengthy. They may not even finish the process and leave before completing it. That is why it is important to keep the registration process for your app extremely simple.

Customers will be eager to use the app if the sign-up process is easy. Most apps today make it easy for you to sign up by logging in to an existing Google, Microsoft, or Apple id. 

  • Powerful search bar

There can be multiple pages in an app, and the basic navigation will only get the user to a point. At one point, if a user has to go to a specific page, then they have to search for it. 

Your search bar should be dynamic, and it should provide the user with the relevant search results. If your user wants to find a specific function of an app, then they can simply search for it on the app. Making sure that the search bar is on the top of the page is also a part of making navigation easy for users. If users cannot find a page while browsing, they can always search for it. 

  • Simple UI

If you do not understand how to design the user interface of an app, then you can get confused and make the design difficult. The more difficult the design is, the more difficult it will be to use the app, and users will leave your app. 

Users should be able to see what your app stands for and what it aims to provide. When the design of your SaaS is too complicated, then people are unable to figure this out. A highly minimalistic UI is needed to keep the user focused on the task. 

This will ensure that the user’s goals are met and that they spend more time on the app. The user will also keep using your services. When it comes to designing a UI, a minimalistic approach is beneficial. 

  • Provide a tutorial or tour

The users should understand how your app works and how it will help them. You can achieve this by providing them with a tutorial when they first open the app. If your app does not have a tutorial, the user may not be able to understand how it works. 

No one likes to use apps that have a learning curve. 

With the help of a tutorial, you can onboard new users easily and ensure that they understand how it works. 

  • Provide adequate support

Despite your best efforts to make the app simple, the user may need help to use the app. You should try to avoid time-consuming emails and calls by installing a chatbot and FAQS section. If a user is stuck somewhere, they can find the answer with the help of the chatbot.

Incorporating a chatbot in your app will help you allocate monotonous tasks to it, and you will be able to use your team more productively. Make sure to have an FAQ section that generally answers your users’ questions. Users should get adequate support before they even need to reach out to a customer service representative. This makes everyone’s life easy. 

  • Developing engaging dashboards

When customers log into a SaaS platform, they first notice the user dashboard. This is why you should spend a lot of time and resources refining the UX of the dashboard. If the user dashboard is easy to manage, customers will stay for the long haul. 

  • Information Architecture

Information Architecture focuses on organizing information within SaaS in such a manner that users will easily be able to find it. If you want to ensure that users can find what they are looking for, then you need to get the Information Architecture of your app right. 

The Information Architecture should be straightforward, intuitive, and easy to understand. If users can find what they are looking for, their lives are extremely easy. Some apps have poor Information Architecture, so customers cannot find a product or page even if it is available. You do not want to miss out on opportunities like that! 

  • Different Pagination

Users are more likely to close an app if they cannot understand which page belongs to which database category. If understanding all the data on the app gets confusing, then the user will uninstall the app, and they are never coming back. 

Everyone understands that each SaaS has a lot of data, but it has to be organized smartly to avoid confusing users. Use different pagination layouts to display different data types. Each data type should have a different UI theme associated with it. 

This way, people can remember which page belongs to which data category. When you visit a different data category, the UI should change accordingly. Your app is now less confusing and more organized than before. Considering building software for a desktop environment, consider using a mega menu. 

A mega menu introduces the user to all the software elements with a single click. A single hover over the mega menu will reveal all the data elements on the software. While this is a smart option for desktop software, it cannot work for a mobile app. 


SaaS app UX design is a crucial element in its recipe for success. If your app is to be successful, then you need to follow the best design practices for UX, as discussed in the article. A good UX can help you increase customer retention, improve the user’s journey, improve search results, and generate more revenue. 

If the UX of the app is minimalistic, you will be able to attract new clients and retain the old ones. While the guidelines to design an app is simple, you still have to use your creativity with the project. Follow the guidelines to build a good UI but do not be afraid of experimenting. 

If you are a SaaS company and think your UX lacks some elements or practices discussed in this article, you can always provide a quick SaaS UX update. When you update your app’s UX, you will soon notice positive changes in customer behaviour or interaction.