With the boost in the virtual and remote working atmospheres, UI/UX design trends in 2022 have been going through a drastic change throughout the complete year.

2021 was nothing less than a roller coaster ride for almost everyone. So, many things in almost every sector from healthcare to technology have happened this year. Due to this ongoing pandemic, the world is completely transforming across all industries from education and healthcare to workplaces. 

UI/UX trends 2022

UI/UX Design Trends To Follow In 2022

Now, as we have entered 2022, it’s time to talk about this year now. If you are looking for a UI UX design company USA, then look no further than decor Software Solutions Being a UI/UX expert, it is always essential to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing tech trends in this field. You need to follow and replicate all these trends to remain a skilled professional in the market.

In this article, we will be driving to analyze various UI/UX trends for 2022 like what is more influencing the trends, and why you need to check out these trends.

Dark Mode

The rise in dark mode will continue to remain growing this year as well just like the previous one. This look is contemporary, stylish, and elegant. Nowadays, as we are relying upon and spending a considerable time using our smartphones, the dark mode plays a very crucial role in terms of user experience.

However, unlike our mindset about dark mode (white text on a dark background), it has huge advantages as well:

  • It decreases the screen glare and reduces blue lights.
  • This is quite better in terms of the readability of the text.
  • It reduces eye strain during usage in dark.
  • It preserves the battery.



Designers can take the advantage of UI animations to elevate the level of user experience by guiding the details much more effectively than static images. 

There will be more and more innovations coming the way this year. Till now, it is the best way for mobile apps to deliver messages to the end-users without using banners.

Bold Typography 

Did you notice from the last few years that web typography is getting bigger and bold? 

The reason behind this is that bold typography can easily grab the attention of the users. Bold and bigger typography is meant to stand out from the surrounding content and demands users to read.

Many popular websites are using this technique to seize users’ attention. It is a straightforward and proactive approach that continues to grow in the coming years as well. 

Empty and Error Pages

No one likes errors. It is scary and emptiness over the internet is something that nobody wants. But, both of them are essential parts of software applications. Therefore, with attractive images and animations, UI/UX developers are taking an initiative to make them much more exciting and comfortable for the users. This innovative trend shall be going to continue this year as well.  

3D is a Must

Ever since 3D designs were used, it becomes the limelight among users. Despite a few drawbacks in terms of memory consumption, 3D is in trend in both mobile and web applications. Also in 2022, 3D technology will continuously be a thriving field by seeing the rising popularity of VR and AR technologies. 

Remote and Virtual Collaboration Platforms

With the current global scenario, we are mostly working from home. From small to huge organizations, all are adopting this new work culture quickly. Therefore, the demand for virtual and remote tools is touching the sky. The old and current services designs are revamping giving priority to virtual collaboration. However, while seeing the current condition, we can say that it will rise this year also. 

Personalized Experience

The personalized and tailor-made experience for customers is a new and innovative way to attract and retain customers’ interest. 

For instance: Buying recommendations based on the customer’s interest is a great way to overcome the “I don’t need this product” nature of the buyer. With the evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we will now be seeing a more personalized experience in software development.

Why do We Need To Check Out UI/UX Design Trends rends?

Like any other innovations and technology, new trends in UI/UX field are continuously evolving, developing the need to check out the UI/UX trends. As a UI/UX designer, you need to know all the emerging trends in the field so that you can add those to your design and give the feeling of freshness to the user. 


Hope that the trends that we have mentioned can help you with UI/UX designing this year. Many of them that are listed in this article are not only for 2022 but will remain in use for the coming decade.