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Designing software to be specifically used within an organization is the process called custom software development. It is a personalized development with tailor-made solutions to meet the customer requirements and facilitates business processes.

Custom software development includes developing e-commerce applications, business applications, document management solutions, computerization software, and several other applications that support business-to-business collaborations.
  • Best features within budget
  • Software that targets specific consumers, platforms
  • Custom integration with existing systems
  • Customized reports for specific events.

The development process begins from analyzing the particular business needs, documentation, and implementation, with the following basic development life cycles processes at each stage. Unlike other software solutions, custom development focuses on delivering tailored, scalable solutions that perform as per the specific needs.

Software development is the process of developing software using computer programming. Software Development Life Cycle of SDLC is the system of activities including different stages to produce a high-quality piece of software.

Project analysis or discovery phase

This is the initial stage that involves gathering the necessary information to make a brief start on the software development.

Designing software

Based on the documentation and results of the initial stage, the system and software are given a design. The phase involves designing user experience, system architecture, developing prototypes, and test plans.

Coding or programming

This is the longest stage. Here, the software developers begin the programming part and develop software as per the client’s needs.

Software testing

Integration testing, software testing, system testing, and acceptance testing are performed to make the software bugs-free and ready to deploy.

Software Deployment

Once done with the software development and testing phase, it is shared with the clients or makes it publically available to use.


This phase includes software updating and maintenance to enhance its performance.

Outsourcing software development services with Decoro will make your work smoother and easier. We are a professional software Solutions Company, equipped with the expertise to offer innovative web solutions and software development services. We specialize in web development, mobile app development, enterprise software solutions, with a proven track record of a 100% success rate.

Our services can simplify complex business processes and ensure the successful accomplishment of tasks within the given time.

  • Wide-array of software services
  • Quality assurance
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • The expert guidance of proficient programmers
  • Seamless customer and technical support
  • Customer-centric approach

No matter whether you are a start-up or a mid-size enterprise, our software developers are experienced enough to deal with all kinds of complexities and projects. We focus on delivering user-friendly and future-proof applications that promote and enhance your business processes.

The software development investment depends on several aspects. Unless you are investing in a fixed price solution, the entire cost may vary depending on the client’s requirements, and the type and size of solution required. Project complexity is the key part of the pricing process. For the small or standard development process, the price remains quite low. However, expect the cost to rise for a software solution that needs custom programming.

At Decoro, our services focus on fulfilling client requirements within their budget and time frame. Whatever be your software needs are, schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your project requirements and costing part.

While web apps or mobile apps do not require much effort or memory to start, they still take a good deal of time to plan out, design, develop and launch. The software developers rarely take as long to develop a full-software application, apps typically take at least two months to develop from start to finish.

Depending on the complexity and structure of the project, developing some apps may require more time, while others may be able to complete a bit faster. Each stage of the software development life cycle takes different amounts of time to finish. From the initial planning phase to the designing, developing, and testing process, the processing time to a fully functioning app varies.

At Decoro, we aim to deliver quality software solutions by leveraging innovative tools and technologies. Our software development professionals have expertise in several tools and technologies that help us come up with the perfect application or software solutions for the clients.

  • For frontend development, we specialize in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Javascript ( Angular, jQuery, React, Backbone.js)
  • For backend processes, we have expertise in java, PHP (Laravel), Python, Microsoft. NET.
  • For mobile applications, we have got profound expertise and experience in Ios, Android, Ionic, React Native, Flutter.
  • For cloud data platforms, our developers have expertise in Amazon web services, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, Microsoft Azure!

At Decoro, we craft flawless apps for different industries all over the world. No matter if you are a mid-size or CMM level company, we provide software development services using cutting–edge technologies to make your niche result-oriented.

We build software applications for E-commerce, travel & tourism, Insurance & Healthcare, Banking, Education, logistics, Real Estate, automotive, Manufacturer & Retail Sectors, and a variety of other industries. From designing and developing a website or a mobile app, our software professionals help you enhance your organizational efficiencies and overall profits. Contact us to avail the most flexible solutions to expand your business!

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