Having a good UX and UI is becoming a trend for everyone. Have you ever opened up a website and then closed it within a few seconds? Do you know why? It can be because you don’t like the poor UI and UX of those websites. Sometimes, I install mobile applications(primarily games) and then uninstall them after a few minutes of use.

Latest UI/UX Design Trends To Follow In 2022

All because of the poor UI and UX. Therefore UI and UX are becoming crucial aspects for every online business. Apart from that, if I talk about the impact it in digital marketing. Then Google also gives preference in its search result to the site with the best UI and UX. Therefore it becomes essential for you to work on your website’s UI and UX.

Let me explain to you some of the tips of UI and UX. Let’s start

Keep In Original

Yes, I am talking about originality. Many times I have seen that most of startups try to look different. For this, they try so many things and end up with a wired interface. If you also follow the same strategy, then you can lose your customers. So what do you need to do to keep your website original? The first thing is that you should choose your website theme color based on your logo.

Apart from that, if you are having a website or mobile application similar to Uber. Then you should keep your features identical to a cab hiring website or mobile apps to make it original. Don’t try to add too many features or remove the basic traits because it can badly hurt your experience. It will help you to attract more visitors to your website or mobile apps. Because of its originality and simple UI/UX.

Know Your Target Users

In the past few years, I have noticed that most businesses still don’t know their target users well. And they work on their website UI and UX without any proper plan and idea. In the previous example, we were talking about cab booking apps and websites. Let’s continue with the same example. Suppose that your customer wants to book a cab with your mobile app.

And when he opened up an app, he found irrelevant options like choosing your vacation destinations and all. Will it work for you? Not because when we try to book a cab, we are more likely to set the destination. And they apply the coupon and all. Therefore you should know your customers first and then design your website or mobile app UI and UX accordingly.

Keep Navigation Simple

Don’t try to add too many options in the navigation bar. Always try to keep relevant elements within the navigation panel to navigate within the site with ease quickly. For this, you should always start with the user flow strategically. Try to keep the same navigation throughout the website or mobile app. It will help you to build trust among your customers.

Create An Appealing Homepage

Most of businesses don’t pay the required attention to the homepage. You should pay enough attention to the homepage. If you have a product, then display the best-selling products on your homepage.

Apart from that, you should also add some testimonials with the best UI, as the leading custom Website Design and Development company. We create a highly appealing homepage for businesses.

Highlight Important Things

Best UI and UX is incomplete until you highlight the important things. Therefore you should highlight the essential things in your websites. You can use bold text, graphics, or CSS for this purpose. Also, try to make better use of whitespace. It would be best if you highlighted special offers and coupons for better UX.

Optimize For Different Devices

You should know that the users are now using multiple devices to find out the information. Therefore you should optimize your website or applications for different devices. I used to check the website interface on other browsers and screen sizes. It helps me have a clear idea that our website is easily accessible on every device and platform

Make UI & UX Simple To Learn

Although you need to keep your website UI and UX as simple as possible, you sometimes need to add some new features that the users are not well aware of. For this, you should provide the tutorial to the users before they get familiar with your website or app.

Give Users A Sense Of Progression And Accomplishment

It is an entirely new and most effective UI and UX technique. It gives a personal touch to customers. You can provide the progress bar fills to the users when they explore your products. You can also give them a sense of accomplishment when they add them to cart the product. And then finally checkout by making a platform.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links are crucial parts of UX. Therefore you should fix the broken links on the website. Numerous tools can help you to find broken links easily.

Custom 404

Always use a custom 404 page for your website. Custom 404 should be informative for the users. Whenever your customer redirects to 404 pages, you should give them the best information to get back on the significant pages.

Improve Loading Speed

Always try to make your website as fast as possible. It would be best if you kept the loading speed of your website somewhere between 1 to 3 seconds. It is pretty necessary for the best UX.

Make Easy Registration

You should keep the registration on your website accessible for the users. You can also use social media credentials for login and registration on the website. It would be best if you also used the same technique with your application for registration. As the leading custom Software Development company. We integrate social media credentials within your software.

Lets Sum Up

These tips are quite practical for website owners and mobile developers. I am also following these tips for my website and my clients. And I am getting better results than our competitors. If you still lack these tips, then try to implement them now and see the best results.