Chat GPT has become one of the most trending AI tools in a matter of months. It will help people come up with a lot of ideas. However, the question is can it help your search engine optimization team? 

In this blog post, we will talk about this revolutionary AI tool and how it can be used for search engine optimization. 

What is Chat GPT?

(Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer)

Whenever there are any trends it is right to be sceptical of them. Is this tool right for your business, and is it there to stay? To find answers to such questions, you must know what Chat GPT is. Then you will be able to determine whether it can be useful for your business or not. 

Chat GPT is short for the chat-based generative pre-trained transformer was launched by Open AI in November 2022. It is a chatbot that is capable of participating in discussions and answering queries. The response from Chat GPT is extremely human-like. It gives automated answers to all your questions, and responses are also edited based on the questions you asked before. 

The chatbot can analyze a great amount of data and make predictions based on the analyzed data. Chat GPT has become so popular because it has surpassed the performance levels of conversational AI. As you use the tool, the responses will also change. The information will always be factual, but the AI will become tailored to your personality. 

Other than that, it can also perform tasks like writing code, performing analysis, writing poems, short stories, ad copy, etc. This does not mean that people will not have to do anything anymore. However, they will have a lot of help. If one of your marketing executives needs time to brainstorm they can use Chat GPT. 

Is Chat GPT reliable for search engine optimization? 

Chat GPT can prove to be a reliable tool that helps you in search engine optimization and other digital marketing efforts. The tool can help you in multiple ways such as: 

  • Providing you with relevant keywords

Keyword research is one of the most critical factors in search engine optimization. 

With the help of Chat GPT, you can perform keyword research quickly. Open Chat GPT, write several target keywords that you want to rank for, and the tool will load a list of related keywords. You can check these keywords with any other search engine optimization tool like Semrush too. There you will get to know how effective each keyword is and whether the list is any good or not. 

The keywords suggested are based on recent search results. This means that you have a higher chance of ranking well for these keywords. If your SEO is done this easily, then you can be sure that Chat GPT will make the rest of digital marketing smooth too. 

  • Perform quality check on your content

Forget Grammarly, you can quickly proofread your written text with Chat GPT. Simply type the text that you want to be checked and then type that you want the tool to proofread this. The conversational AI will reply with the edited version. If there are any changes in the text, then it means that your mistakes have been rectified. High-quality content that flows well is important for SEO and other digital marketing efforts. 

  • Build AI-powered customer support and gain marketing insights

Effective customer service satisfies the customers which makes them stay with you. It helps your brand in retaining the customers that you acquired. Chat GPT can paraphrase content and provide answers to you. 

This feature can be used by your company to provide answers to customers. The best thing about Chat GPT is that it can provide personalized answers to each of your customers. If you use it on your website, then it can help with customer support and improve customer experience. 

From the messages of your customers, you can analyze user data and focus on creating the perfect marketing campaign for your brand. 

Chat GPT ensures that you use up-to-date information and create campaigns that the prospects can find relatable. 

With the help of Chat GPT, you can improve client satisfaction and marketers can focus on more strategic tasks. 

  • Generate creative content

Unique content will always rank well on Google. If you want to ensure that your blog post ranks well, you also need to ensure that the content is unique and creative. 

Once you have identified unique topics, ensure that the content is well-written. The text should have a natural flow, and the different sections of the article should be coherent. 

Chat GPT can effectively offer you the most used phrases and keywords that can positively impact your site’s SEO. The best thing is that these keywords can be crafted in an amazing article with the help of the tool. This should save the digital marketing team hours of work as they can get to the main task without much preparation. 

Your digital marketing team will be able to roll out blog posts and newsletters more quickly than before with the help of Chat GPT. 

Even when you do not have any ideas, you can use Chat GPT to brainstorm a little. 

  • Chat GPT can help you come up with a meta description

The best use of AI in SEO would be to let the AI do the tiring work and executives can focus on research. Summarizing webpages to create a meta-description can be a great use of Chat GPT in the future. Google is not against any AI doing that and the meta description will be more accurate and SEO-friendly. 

You can also use Chat GPT to create an outline of an article before you start writing it. This way your writers have all the key points that they have to research. Once an outline is made, then writing content that converts is extremely easy. 

Handing off the entire content creation part to tools like Chat GPT may not be the best for your site’s health. 

The Disadvantages of using Chat GPT for SEO

While Chat GPT is an amazing tool to come up with new ideas and for research. It also has a few downsides. So you will have to be careful when you use it for your site’s SEO. 

  • AI content can be detected

Many AI writers already existed before Chat GPT. Of course, Google cannot reduce the quality of search results that users get, so their algorithm can figure out the content that was published by a human being and generated by an AI. 

They solved this problem years ago and that is why even your Chat GPT content can be detected by search engines. So, if you are planning on simply copy-pasting Chat GPT answers as insights or blog posts, then it will not get your site anywhere. 

Detecting content that has been generated by a machine has been a subject of research for many years. Search engines have got results from this research and when they crawl web pages any AI-generated content will be easily recognizable. 

Google also does not value automatically generated content and it considers it to be spammy. So, a word of advice would be to not copy-paste content from Chat GPT. 

  • Current events are unknown

One of the major downsides of Chat GPT is that it only fed data on events that happened before 2021. So, if you are looking to find insight into something that is happening right now, you will find yourself in trouble there. 

The content creation world is all about following trends. Anything new has to be covered and if you cannot look for that on Chat GPT, then it provides a huge downside to this tool. 

It is a disadvantage that can benefit the competing tools like Chatsonic. This tool includes all the latest data from Google and even accepts voice commands. 

  • Can be inaccurate and biased

While you enter a query and expect an answer from the tool in a matter of minutes. You must know that behind the scenes a lot of mechanisms are taking place and there is always room for error. There have been a lot of occasions when the tool has been seen to provide inaccurate data. While it is a great tool, you cannot rely on it entirely. 

If you think that every answer given by Chat GPT is right, then you are putting your business at great risk. Every answer by the tool should be double-checked by a person. 

Chat GPT was made on a few ideals like being helpful, truthful, and harmless. These ideals have evolved and become biases for the AI tool. Now it tries to avoid negativity at all costs unless someone pushes the tool in that direction. 

Ask the tool to write a short story for you and most of the endings will be positive. If you want a negative ending you will have to interfere with the tool and explicitly state that you want a negative ending. 

This is just one of the examples of the biases that this tool has and there can be others too. Content cannot be created with a set of fixed ideals. You may have to create content that has a negative tone. Even if you are just looking to brainstorm, ChatGPT has creative limits because it tries to avoid negativity 

Think about all the literary tragedies or movies with sad endings. Despite that, people still love them. That’s why, no matter how smart of a tool you are using, you will always have to guide it correctly. If ideas come out of a limited tool like Chat GPT, then soon art will get mediocre. 

You can use the tool but you need to understand its limitations so that you are not affected by it.  

  • Requires highly detailed instructions

Chat GPT requires a highly detailed query to get you high-quality content. If you provide a vague query, then the chances of getting low-quality results are high. Some of the content may not even be related to your query. 

However, if you can come up with a detailed query, then you will get a high-quality answer. If you want more from the tool, then you have to think about what you want and then convert it into instructions. 

The limitation with Chat GPT is that if you want something, then you are going to have to know it and ask the question. It cannot guess on your behalf, and if the tool tries, then the output is not that valuable. 

  • Chat GPT may contain Watermark in the future

One of the OpenAI researchers has commented that they may release a watermark in the next updates. This means that any content created by the tool will be extremely easy to identify because of the watermark. 

AI content can already be identified by search engines and updating the tool with a watermark will further make the life of the users a bit difficult. 


Chat GPT is an AI tool that has been trained on a large amount of data to provide answers to queries quickly. It has created a revolution in many industries within a matter of months. Now workers no longer have to perform tedious tasks and can focus their minds on other aspects of a business. 

If you want to use Chat GPT, then you can come up with content ideas or create metadata with it. However, it will be a terrible choice to directly paste content from Chat GPT. 

If you want to attract customers through SEO, then let your content marketing team do what they are doing. This tool can assist them but it cannot replace them. If you try to paste content from Chat GPT directly, you will find many shortcomings like the content being easily recognized by search engines, biases, lack of recent data, etc. 

The content will easily be recognized by Google and your site can even get penalized if you try to use content directly from Chat GPT. 

It is a great tool for non-cognitive functions but it is not meant to replace the professionals but rather to aid them in achieving a better search engine rank. For that, your content marketing and SEO team can work together with this awesome new tool by keeping in mind its benefits and limitations.