Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website to increase its visibility on the search engine result page. Some niches are so competitive that you cannot rank well by just getting the SEO basics right. To ensure that you get organic traffic despite the high competition, you need to upgrade your SEO game using advanced SEO techniques

Ten techniques can take your site to the next level and improve its visibility. You may not need to pour more money into fancy marketing campaigns if you can apply these techniques and get the intended results. 

Ten Advanced SEO techniques that you need to implement right now!

You should try some advanced off-page and on-page SEO techniques to boost your results. You may already be using some of these techniques, kudos to you if you are, but there is a good chance that you will discover something new. 

Upgrade Existing Content

Why should you create new content when you can improve upon your existing content and get better results? New content takes months to rank and come up in search engine results. However, if you successfully upgrade the existing content, you can get some quick results. You should upgrade the existing content based on two things: 

  • Current facts
  • Performance insights that you can get from Google Search Console. 

Updating your content to current trends and facts

Content can become outdated because of new events or trends. If the content is no longer relevant, it will no longer appear in the search results. You may have a few articles that did well initially, but their visibility declined. 

In that case, you can update the article to today’s facts and trends. What you wrote in an article in 2020 may not be relevant anymore, so search engines prefer not to show it anymore. So all you have to do is update the facts in the old article and then check your analytics to see if there was any improvement. 

Using Performance Data to improve existing content

Open Google Search Console, and go to the performance report for pages. You will be able to check all the queries and the data associated with them. The performance metrics are impressions, clicks, and average position for a specific URL. 

You can filter the results by position and see terms that rank lower than page one. From here, you can view all the search queries that result in impressions on your pages that are not currently ranked in the top spots. Next, filter the queries that have the most impressions. 

These are crucial keywords, and if you focus your content around these keywords, then you will get more traffic. So you can begin with the improvements after analyzing the data. 

Work on creating and empowering topic clusters

A core part of doing SEO revolves around having a good site structure. Good sites are grouped around topic clusters. This provides plenty of opportunities for internal linking, which is good for SEO. Topic clusters are content topics that are centred around one primary topic. 

Suppose you have just one article about a topic that makes the audience think you are not an expert. However, if you have multiple articles that revolve around one specific topic, all the articles are interconnected. That will legitimize your expertise and create positive results for you.

Check old content and delete content that is not performing well.

You should not waste even a single page on your website. Writing content takes some serious research and effort. If a content page is not driving traffic to your website, you need to delete or update it. It is highly recommended that you conduct a thorough SEO audit of your website once in a while. 

It can help you track the pages that do not get any results and hold the rest of your website back. You can make a spreadsheet of the different content on your website and highlight the content which is not performing. If a page performs, you do not have to do anything. If a content page performs well but not as well as you intended, you can upgrade its content and wait for the results. Then there will be content that is not performing and needs to be deleted. During the audit, you may find duplicate articles or articles that are so similar that you can merge them. 

Deal with keyword cannibalization issues

Keyword Cannibalization does not mean having two or more pages optimized for the same keyword. What matters is the intent, you can optimize your pages for the same keyword, but if the intent is different, then it is okay. One intent can be transactional, and another can be educational. 

You must be wondering how you can identify the problem of keyword cannibalization. There are a few signs that can help you identify the problem. 

  • Ranked URLs keep changing in the SERPs
  • Your SEO ranking keeps changing
  • The wrong URL ranks for a page 

Once you can find the keyword cannibalization issue, you do not have to worry, as it is not unfixable. There are a few steps that you can take to deal with the problem. 

  • Canonicalize cannibalized pages 
  • Optimize the pages again 
  • Merging different pages 
  • Checking out the internal linking structure

Improve Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the most underrated SEO features. Most SEO techniques experts just chase after gaining new backlinks to improve Domain Authority. However, few understand the importance of ensuring the backlinks you have now are functioning properly. 

You can use any backlink analyzer for this task. Go to the indexed pages window and filter the results by domains. From a backlinking perspective, these are your website’s most crucial pages, as they have the highest number of referral domains. 

You can use this information to share some link authority with another page on your site. Try to link the crucial page with another page with a similar topic. You can use this tactic to get some rapid results when you publish new content. 

Optimize your site for featured snippets

If your content gets listed on rank 0 or the featured snippet, you can get better clicks than any other competitor. How can you write content that gets published as a featured snippet on Google? Focus on titles that already rank well. Apply the following changes: 

  • Make it easy to examine 
  • Make the subheadings more distinguishable. 
  • Ensure that the paragraphs are not longer than 40 to 60 words. Long paragraphs cannot engage the audience, and google promotes engaging content. 
  • Use multiple images. 
  • Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. 
  • Use lists 

Fix broken links

If you have links on your page that lead to 404 pages, they will not help your SEO. Some sites have thousands of links, and some links become dead with time. Experts forget about the number of links their websites have and carry on without checking if the old links are still working. Using a tool, you can find pages that have backlinks but are not passing any authority. Fix these pages by removing the dead links.

Help others fix broken links by providing your link

You can use the same tool you used to find broken links for your website on other websites. Make sure that you only help someone whose website will benefit your website. Check out the competitor’s website’s backlinks and find the dead ones. 

Look at the original concept around the article with the broken link. Create similar content and approach your competitor. Tell them about the broken link on their page and offer your article’s link as a replacement. That will benefit everyone, and you both come out on top. 

Use FAQs to acquire more space on a SERPs

Even if you are already ranking on the first page of Google, there is always something that you can do better than others. If there is any way that you can include FAQ schema in your content, then it is highly suggested for you do so. 

When you do that, the FAQ becomes a part of your content. Google gives more space to query results that have FAQs in them. That means readers can read the answers to questions before clicking on the link on your page. 

It is user-friendly, and it gives you a big competitive edge. This way, you will be eligible to take more space and push the competition down to the second page. 

Spend time studying your log files

Most SEO experts do not take the time to examine their log files, but this technical activity can heavily boost your results. If you know the information in the log files, then you are in a position to fix your site if there is any problem. 

Making sure that your site’s health is optimum ensures that Google can crawl your site without any problem. Log file analysis helps you study how search engines crawl your websites and enables you to address any issues. 


WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO make the basics of SEO techniques extremely easy. However, ensuring that your page ranks well on a search engine is still extremely difficult. Anyone can get the basics right, but that does not guarantee the top rank. Applying these SEO techniques will get the results that you have always dreamt of. If the traditional marketing efforts are not working for you, try investing your time in SEO marketing

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