The emerging web programming platforms are the greatest examples of technological advancements. Currently, there are several web development technologies and frameworks available, which can be used to develop and maintain websites. However, some platforms are more useful and successful than others.

Gone is the time when a simple UI website or web application brings you results. Now, the current web development scenario demands more advanced frameworks that help businesses gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

The prime role of web development technologies and frameworks is to allow programmers and designers to easily address software requirements. The framework with robust features and functionalities supports the complex environment and makes any future projects to be a lot easier to accomplish.

The big question here is which framework to use. Will it affect the development process? Well, in this ever-evolving web technology, it is vital to choose the best and required web development technologies that can help meet the needs of your customers.

Angular JS

AngularJS is a quite popular JavaScript framework that has been designed to make the web development process quicker and easier. Angular imposes the desired knowledge of HTML by using extensions and extending HTML features through directives. This way, Angular helps to make HTML more useful to the developers which allows them to create many components easily. 

To create dynamic web applications, this framework gives an ideal structural process, enabling the developers to easily make use of HTML as the template language. 


What attracts developers to Node JS is the capability of asynchronous input and output. Regardless of the complexity level, the platform aims to optimize the web development process involving many input or output operations. The best part about it is that it is useful for both the server side and the client side. The execution is possible on the server side while it embeds the scripts in HTML on the client side.

Some major Node JS frameworks delivering the perfect web solutions:


It is quite known for bringing up the right interaction between the clients and the server. It works on both the libraries: client-side and server-side. By providing high-tech web solutions, the platform best suits real-time web development.

  • Express.js

An open-source, ideal framework for developers who hold basic hands-on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For both web and mobile applications, it is one of the most reliable frameworks that exist.

  • Derby

Node JS, is an MVC framework that enables both client-side and server-side scripting. Its deployment in web or mobile applications leads to quicker page loading, with fulfilling search engine requirements.

  • Hapi.js

It is a multi-faceted framework under Node.JS that benefits developers efficiently in building different applications. Certain advantages associated with this platform include input validation, error rectifications, and configuration-based functionality.


Getting potential web solutions is quite easier now with using PHP with the Laravel framework. In comparison to the other existing web development framework, Laravel streamlines most of the tasks with its effective built-in tools and features. Crucial functionality such as routing, caching and authentication are easily executable with Laravel. 

React. Js

It is an open-source Javascript library that permits web app builders to lay out big web packages. These applications devour a large number of records and developers could modify them when they no longer need to reload the page. The cause website development corporations propose this framework because it offers scalability, simplicity, and speed. You can use them on the side of other JavaScript frameworks or libraries in MVC.

Here is the selection criterion for choosing the web development framework:

Ease of installation and ability to run on shared hosting

Select a framework that gives an easy installation process and runs as smoothly as possible.

Minimize the learning curve

Choose the framework with the smallest learning curve. 

Ability to run on different platforms

Stick to a framework that offers backward compatibility and enables running on most of the servers.

Must have good documentation

User manual

Examples and code snippets

Videos and screencasts

Enhances regular upgrades and bug fixes

Select a framework that demands updates frequently, more importantly, fixes the bugs users come across as soon as feasible.

Ease of creating an extension and availability

Choose a framework that allows easy extension with minimal load. For instance, in Cake PHP, creating an extension is simply inherited from a parent base class. Do consider the availability of the plugin before making a decision.

Which platform suits best your web development functionality? Well, if you are seeking web development services and looking for the right technology, consider the compatibility level. 

Diverse methodologies, libraries, and frameworks offer transactional and deterministic designing for websites and applications with recognized elementary which includes HTML, DOM, functions, promises, lessons, callbacks, rail, node and express, and so on.

The technology you choose to create websites and applications can lead to better recognizing the positives and drawbacks of each platform.

Selecting the right platform can hugely affect your end product and improvement timeline. While in the entire process, do not miss to consider your commercial enterprise, and private & customers’ goals before working on a particular platform. In accordance with your commercial enterprise requirements, using open-source languages, frameworks, gear, and servers provides the necessary support, transparency, and enhanced security to the process.

Choose the one which enhances website appeal and features to attract professionals to use it as the prime scripting platform.

Web development company

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