The following web development plans are designed for clients who want to start a new e-commerce store or just an informational website. Each plan is different from the others as they offer different types of services as per the client’s needs. Let’s get on to the details now!

Services Offered by Decoro

Decoro is one of the most trusted names in the web development company. With years of experience in the field, the company manages all types of web development services for clients across the globe. The team analyses the user’s requirements and plans things accordingly.

The company provides web development services for different e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Magneto, Core PHP, Open Cart, etc. Apart from e-commerce, they also create fully responsive multi-page websites. Let’s see what type of services are included in these packages along with their pricing.

These are the dedicated plans designed for the clients with their special requirements about the platform and features. Let’s check them out now!

D plan out things accordingly.

WordPress Web Development

WordPress is an open-source content management system written in PHP which is available for free to use. it is everyone’s favourite platform as it is very easy to learn and offers all types of features to make your website look more professional.

This package includes a full web development service based on WordPress. Starting from custom layout design to multiple options for selling products and services, everything is included in this package to suit the user’s requirements.

Theme integration, live slider, normal search, advance search, sign up, sign in, forgot password, shopping cart, categories, product detail page, payment methods, real zoom on products, email to friends, similar products, latest arrivals, best sellers, shipping methods, FAQs, Contact Us, Sitemap, etc. You are free to discuss which things you want to include in the final website.

WordPress Development Package- $1200

Open Cart

If you are planning to start an online shopping store for the products that you manufacture or any other products that you want to sell out, then a special Open Cart Web Development is available for the consumers like you.

Open Cart is the world’s most popular e-Commerce solution based on PHP. Being an open-source e-commerce platform, it lets you design your website and store it the way you want. Since you are planning to outsource your web development work to Decoro, they take care of everything and get you a well-designed e-commerce store as per your requirements.

The Open Cart package includes a variety of services such as custom layout design, theme integration, special slider, my account, sign up, sign in, forgot password, search, product listing, product description, product detail page, multiple images for each product, zoom-in feature to view images, email to friends, similar products and much more. This package is ideal for newbies as well as well-established physical store owner who wants to start selling out their products online to more areas and customers. Different payment options, separate sections for retailers and normal consumers, a live chat function and many other advanced features are also included in the same package. Decoro lets you prepare a highly professional e-commerce store to start selling your own products right away.

Open Cart Web Development Package- $1500

Magneto Web Development

Magneto is yet another popular e-commerce solution for business owners and startup owners. It’s an open-source e-commerce platform based on PHP. The platform allows you to create a powerful and well-optimized shopping cart system to take your business to the next level.

Decoro’s team is good at developing a personal e-commerce store on Magneto. A special Magneto-based package is there for those who are looking for a flexible shopping cart system for their new e-commerce store. Starting from developing a highly professional website to offering multiple shopping options, everything is included in this package. If we talk about what features and services are included in this package, then you would get a custom design layout of the website or the store along with an advanced slider where you can add feature images of the best-selling products or any other offer run by you to attract new consumers.

Apart from this, all the other basic options such as login, sign up, forgot password, search, advance search, my Wishlist, product listing, product description, product detail page, product comparison, multiple product images, zoom-in feature for images, quick share buttons to share products on social networks, best sellers, latest arrivals, FAQs, blog, sitemap, contact us and more.

In a nutshell, this package will require no additional charges or services from a third party. Once you choose this package, you will get a completely professional and flexible store to start your new online shopping centre.

Magneto Web Development Package- $2000

Core PHP Web Development 

If you want to create a highly customized website or shopping store within your imagination, then you should go with the Core PHP package. The core PHP package offers a dedicated team of experts to design and develop a website based on core PHP. It works with multiple frameworks and gives you the best results as per your requirements.

A special Core PHP package is designed for such startup owners who want to develop a website using codes and frameworks and not on readymade platforms. You would get a dozen services with this package if you choose it. Let’s see what’s included in this package.

The Core PHP package includes a custom layout design with theme integration. Other useful features such as login, sign up, forgot password, slider, search, advance search, my account, shopping cart, product listing, product comparison, zoom-in feature, multiple products, email to a friend, write a review, best sellers, contact us, blog, live chat, etc.
Just like the readymade shopping cart system, this package gives you the full flexibility of managing your e-commerce store the way you want. You just need to discuss your basic requirements with the team and the rest will be managed by them. You will be called up to see the final results once they accomplish their task.

Core PHP Web Development Package- $2599

Apart from these special packages for e-commerce startup owners, Decoro has multiple packages for enterprises and professionals who want to develop a multi-page website with all their information. You can choose a suitable package to develop a multi-page website as per your requirements. Let’s add some more light to the available packages.


The Basic Web Development package lets you create a fully responsive website with up to five pages. For each new page, you will be required to pay an additional $100. Moreover, the package includes custom layout design, theme integration, banner management, testimonial management, newsletter, social media buttons, SEO plugin, Google analytics, website training, etc.

Basic Web Development Package- $550


The Standard Package lets you create a fully responsive website of up to 10 pages. For each new web page, you will have to pay $100 extra. Custom layout design, CMS, SEO, main banner management, news management, testimonial management, social media buttons, SEO plugins, and google analytics are included in this package.

Standard Web Development Package- $750


Advanced Package is there for those who want to design a website with up to 15 web pages. The package is specially designed for enterprises where they can add different pages for different departments or sections with all the information.
This package includes a custom layout design, integrated contact forms, CMS, SEO, contact us page, event calendar, event booking, testimonial management, newsletter, social media buttons, brochure management, jobs management, SEO plugin, Google location maps, Sitemap, Google analytics and more much.

Advanced Web Development Package- $950

Conclusion :

Decoro works with a team of well-experienced developers, designers and testers who manage everything for their clients. The team optimizes advanced tools and new techniques to develop a professional and fully responsive website as per the client’s requirements.

Moreover, special packages are made available separately for the clients who can easily choose whichever package is suitable for their requirements. Explore all the packages and plans well, and choose the one that suits your expectations.