Kotlin vs Java: The Android Software Development marketplace is getting greater competitive with more companies going for it and with heaps of packages getting launched on it every single day. Android Software Application Development is now empowered by way of technology like the Internet of Things, 5G generation, and greater.

In comparison to the other platforms and operating systems, the demand for Android applications is pretty much increasing. The reason is simple, the ease of using the platform and its user-friendly features. When it comes to mobile app development, the first preference for both developers and clients is Android. This is why it is essential for developers to get familiar with the current tools and technologies to build powerful applications.

In the IT industry, the most sought-after programming language is believed to be Java. Since the time of its invention, Java has been ruling the development world. However, another modern programming language that is gaining huge attention among developers is Kotlin. After the introduction of Android Studio, this programming language has become an accepted alternative to the regular Java compiler, with which it is possible to go for either Java 6 or Java 8 compatible bytecode.

An Introduction to Kotlin

Kotlin is a statically typed, cross-platform, general-purpose language with capabilities of type inference. It could interoperate with JVM and Java primarily based on the Java class library.

  • This is an open-source language based on the JVM (Java virtual machine). Kotlin is brought up by Russia-based JetBrains programmers. This new language is now a part of the present-day android studio version 3.0.
  • It is an object-oriented language, with greater strength. Also, it’s far better than Java and can be interoperated with Java code, which permits many businesses to shift to Java quickly.
  • Semicolons are not obligatory to terminate a declaration. Usually, a new line is enough to stop the statement. The parameter lists and variable declarations allow putting the data type after the variable much like TypeScript and Pascal. Variables may be immutable, mutable, or declared with the var or var keyword. By means of default, the class members are open to the public and they’re also very last. It matters that you can’t create a derived Class.
  •  Other than the techniques and instructions of object-based programming, this language supports procedural coding with capabilities. Kotlin features to offer to assist with overloading, named arguments, variable-duration argument lists, and so forth. The class member features are dispatched on the idea of the object runtime kind that they may be known as.

Kotlin vs Java

For the last few years of development, Java is ruling the market because of its impeccable features and functionalities. Now, a new and advanced Android-based language has gained huge attention from developers because of providing a remarkable set of advantages.

Drawbacks of Java

The primary drawback of the use of Java application programming is that the programs written in Java are slower and need more memory space to get saved than the programs written in other languages. Java has compilers in it, which conduct the primary capabilities every time a utility developer writes a code with syn-taxes and characters to run a selected Java Application Programming Code.

One of the greatest issues that it has traditionally had is overall performance issues. Due to the fact that all of the code is done inside a virtual machine, there is a comprehensive performance penalty. Moreover, low-level code equipment is not available. The collector can not be disabled, which means that writing real-time code is an enormous problem, as the collector can suspend this system at any time so that you can smooth up the memory. Standard pointer statistics are not available, because the language abstracts away the usage of memory into the Java classes.

Less coding work required

Imagine why would you write a hundred lines of code when you could do the task with the aid of writing just a few lines of code. Sure, the variety of codes you need to write in java to do a particular project, you could do it by means of writing almost 15% less quantity of codes in Kotlin. This is one of the prime reasons why Kotlin is widely preferred among global android developers.

Undoubtedly, this ‘much less coding’ function no longer simplest diminishes complex coding but additionally makes the execution of the code better. This is one of the biggest benefits of Kotlin over Java Android Development.  For the same project, the requirement is just for fewer lines of code that can be converted into more reliable code with fewer bugs and crashes on the UX side.

Smart and safe compiler

Operating with kotlin is quite a safer option for developers. Wondering why? Well, with its assistance, you can prevent crucial errors in the sort of Null Point Exceptions. The compiler mechanically casts errors. Every now and then, a developer might neglect a small mistake but all thanks to the kotlin compiler that could no longer permit doing so. With Kotlin’s development, it becomes easier to detect errors at compile time, not at runtime which leverages the fail-fast objective. Moreover, smarter Kotlin compilers hold capabilities to perform lots of checks which can help minimize errors and the number of bugs in the code.

Simple Learning Curve

Another advantage of choosing Kotlin over Java is because of its easy maintenance procedure. In fact, this programming language is believed to be the all-in-one language for all application development processes as it supports lots of IDEs and Android Studio included.

The developers are free to implement any of the tried and tested development tools that you seem you are comfortable with for maintaining the codebase at scale. In contrast to the Android O model, you may without problems grasp it by way of going through the list of language references. It has a lean and intuitive syntax that is mild for java experts. In case you already are skilled in Java, learning Kotlin is not a big game for you.


Just imagine a project wherein two exclusive programming languages coexist. Well, with kotlin, this is feasible. While using Kotlin, you do not need to replace a specific mission or not want to alternate the present code. You may easily implement the features presented by way of it and make the app development procedure easier.  The features like delegations and late initializations greatly eradicate errors. Also, the programming language is known to address type safety in lists, which is considered a serious issue in Java.

Being interoperable with Java, developers can get to use Kotlin code from Java and also through another way around. It is feasible and quite simple to compile to Native or JavaScript to develop code that can run on IOS also.

No adoption cost

No or zero cost’ easily seizes the attention of developers. Kotlin would not disappoint the users in this situation as well. How? Well, this is an open-source language. For this reason, you’ll no longer need to spend a single penny to get it. Get a converter tool that could convert all the present java files into kotlin and that is it! You’re prepared initially for this spectacular high-stop language. Despite the fact that Kotlin is gaining its reputation inside the market in an exponential manner, for beginners within the Android App Development field, it’s far constantly beneficial to start gaining knowledge of procedures with java.

In Conclusion!

Programming languages are a great aspect of technology and picking preferred ones and the most popular among other choices is, no doubt, an extremely hard thing to do. Making such a selection should be accomplished carefully and most significantly, by avoiding personal gains.

Knowing one among two programming languages is simply now not enough to create a competitive mobile application. The marketplace is flooded with programming languages and new ones are constantly emerging in the market. And based on the platform or operating system for which the app has to be built. The developer must have the ability to use the ultra-modern programming language kotlin. Know-how of some basic languages like HTML and CSS is also required for successful mobile app development.