The smartphone app industry is growing with leaps and bounds. In 2008, Apple launched the iOS App Store with around 500 apps. Now, users can search through over 1.85 million apps to find what they are looking for. The Google App Store for Android smartphones has registered over 2.56 million apps which makes it the largest platform for smartphone apps. These, and other similar encouraging statistics, prove the immense benefits of mobile app development for businesses on the app stores.

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If you are a business owner looking to expand your business, then the smartphone-connected consumer base is your best bet. Keep reading to learn more about the immense potential of the mobile app market and know-how businesses can benefit from mobile app development.

6 Stages of the Mobile App Development Process

Let’s check out the details of the six main stages of the mobile app development technique. After this, you will be able to ensure that your business mobile app is designed and developed up to standards.

Top Benefits of Mobile App Development for Businesses

An ideal business app works as a marketing, customer service, and advertising tool, all combined in one. The design and features are created according to the current and potential needs of your targeted customer base. Your mobile business app should take care of your transactional, informational, and customer service requirements.

Irrespective of the type of adaptability you choose for your business app – Native or Cross-Platform – mobile apps are excellent to ensure constant customer engagement.

Let’s check out the top key benefits of mobile app development for businesses and learn why it is essential for businesses to have a commercial mobile app today.

1. Boost your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is extremely essential to beat the cut-throat competition in every industry. The best way to increase sales is by promoting your product or service. Boosting your brand awareness in a way that has the most precise and maximum impact on the consumer is of utmost importance. This is where mobile commerce apps become the perfect solution.

Mobile apps provide unprecedented visibility when designed in an attractive style. Some of the efficient ways that mobile apps for businesses can help boost a brand’s awareness are:

  • Push notifications to promote new offers and products collect and maintain accurate business and product information announcing company events and activities and new features and update the list of available products, the prices and offers/discounts on your goods

Business mobile apps provide all relevant information to potential and existing customers within seconds.

2. Increase Consumer Engagement

When a business mobile app provides your customers with relevant and essential information at their fingertips, higher your chances of customer engagement. Some of the features that business mobile apps to ensure increased consumer engagement are:

  • 24/7 availability ease of use and shopping online safe online payment gateways and versatile payment options round-the-clock customer support

To increase the level of consumer engagement with your business app, you can include additional features, such as:

  • In-app messagingLog-in using social media accounts links for similar product options for customer feedback or review

You can also choose to customize the features and content for consumers according to their geographic location and user behaviour for optimal engagement.

3. Stay Connected with Customers

A direct communication channel is preferred by the majority of consumers when it comes to customer support from their favourite brand.

Some of the best ways that you can ensure to stay connected with consumers using your business mobile app are by including the options for:

  • Customer service support – including in-app messaging, “Get Direct” buttons, Call buttons, etcFeedbackComplaintsReviewSuggestionsFAQ Answers

4. Grow your Sales and Revenue

Every enterprise aims to make more sales to increase its revenue. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in the US and around the world. Larger numbers of consumers are now choosing to search and buy products online, with mobile business apps being more popular than e-commerce websites, thanks to the prevalence of smartphones over computers.

Mobile App Development – Grow your Sales and Revenue

5. Enhance Consumer Experience

Mobile business apps help to transform a consumer’s online shopping experience. Mobile apps are also a more feasible way for enterprises to save money on the cost of storage of products. Numerous start-ups have become established only on online mobile platforms and have become successful brands.


All over the world, enterprises are taking advantage of the immense benefits of mobile app development for businesses. If you are running an “app less” business, then it’s time to establish yourself in the business arena. Start by consulting with a reliable app development company with expert mobile app developers on board and ensure a successful and popular mobile app for your business.