Not all browsers are built or created in the same manner. Some are extremely compatible with some operating systems while others are not compatible. Besides, some browsers limit certain features for specific operating systems.

Older or unused versions do not work anymore in the industry. The up-gradation and compatibility may impact the way web applications and websites perform across different browsers and platforms. This is why, whenever a web application is in the process of development, it is a good practice to conduct cross-browser testing.

Why is cross-browser testing important?

Enhancing Web User Experience with Cross-Browser Testing!

A web utility behaves precisely as favoured in one browser but might have other problems in other browsers. Such problems may affect the functionality of an application. Clients looking out for a professional application or an internet site can depend upon cross-browser trying out. This would help purchaser applications in producing distinct outcomes on distinct web browsers as they run in applets, flash, JavaScript requests, and so forth.

That is why for the previous few years browser testing has grown to be a mantra for website builders. Except, for these cross-browser trying outlets you get to decide a number of your website codes (HTML, CSS, javascript, jquery, etc) are backward well matched. So whilst you develop your website you want to test and cross-take a look at it periodically in distinct browsers. This confirms your taken codes are functioning well and supplying you with the predicted consequences in different browsers. 

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So a strong necessity for go-browsers to try out packages becomes discerned for a previous couple of preceding years. Therefore, to satisfy this increasing call for diverse gear of cross-browser compatibility testing came into the marketplace.

Cross-browser checking out is not most effective for web browsers on personal computer systems like computer systems or laptops. However, the need is to extend testing to the ever-progressing smartphones and tablets that have personal web browser capabilities.

Here are a few ways to ensure web application works on all browsers and provides user experience:

Script errors

There are certain errors that affect the page layout and may hinder the browser from rendering the page. Thus, it is essential to take care that the script runs adequately in all browsers.

Image placement

To avoid disturbance in the image placement, try to use certain properties in the CSS code. The available testing tools can promptly check a website in different OS Configurations, browsers, and versions.

Conditional statements

Add a conditional statement in a browser detection script that executes an explicitly written code in CSS. This helps avoid rendering issues.

HTML Validation

HTML errors are common, however robust browsers can help avoid this. An error-free code reduces the probability of any browser compatibility issues. Here, the use of HTML validation tools can help find any error in the code.

How to conduct cross-browser testing?

It is possible to perform cross-browser testing in multiple ways. The most effective way is by creating a checklist on the scope of functions performed while developing a website or an application. Later, the checklist will act as an array when you methodically open up the website or application in multiple browser versions. There are certain tools and applications available in the market that help manage the checklist.

Here are some common cross-browser testing tools:

Adobe BrowserLab 

This is a cross-browser compatibility testing tool from Adobe. This shows the preview of the websites in multiple browsers. The service facilitates professionals to do an accurate rendering of their pages on leading browsers.

Browser Shots

It is a free online multi-browser screenshot service capable of capturing images of web pages in different browsers.


It is a web-based screenshot service that supports prime browsers like Firebox, Safari, IE, etc. The service leads to automated website layout testing, page crawling, recursive website crawling, authentication, and scroll bars.


Browserseal is a fast, advanced, and simple to use move browser trying out and screenshot device renders true seize velocity helps in a couple of versions of ie, firefox, safari, opera, and chrome.


Browsercam is a powerful device. Internet developers who want to recognize how their internet website online results in lots of exclusive browsers and operating systems, use this for such purposes.

Microsoft expression net super preview

Microsoft’s expression web super preview is the superior tool available. It usually aids in checking the accessibility of internet pages but is confined to internet explorers. Other than that, the precise pass browser software supports mainly internet explorer 6, 7, and 8. On top of that, it comes with complete model aid for firefox and safari.


Litmus, an internet-based screenshot carrier, tests the accessibility of your internet pages. It enables you to reveal how your designs appear on nearly all systems, throughout every famous net browser. 

While choosing from different cross-browser testing tools and services, you can simply conclude that all applications come with their own pros and cons. It is the users’ choice which Web development services USA and application they would prefer, considering their needs and budget.

The accessible cross-browser tools and applications make you check any given website or app for any given browser or different versions. Remember, there is always a variation between browsers and versions. Such variations bring a huge difference in performing cross-browser testing that makes sure that each browser renders the designed web pages.

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Not the easiest browsers, exclusive browser variations also play an important role in designing as some of the older versions do not support cutting-edge specifications. It’s very vital to perform cross-browser checking with the help of a tool or manually and this in flip will assure that your app will perform constantly throughout distinctive browsers, browser versions, devices, and running systems.

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