Hi there, today we’re going to talk about the important things for attractive E-Commerce web development. E-commerce development becomes crucial for the business. Because it can generate approximately 75% higher revenue than traditional stores.

Nowadays, almost everyone shops on e-commerce sites. Likewise, we all prefer e-commerce sites rather than traditional shops. Apart from that, the Covid-19 pandemic also forces us to utilize eCommerce stores. That is why businesses are looking to shift their business online. Likewise, in recent times, one of my friends asked me how to bring his business online with an eCommerce store.

ecommerce web development

As a part of an e-commerce web development service, I suggested a few things. I have told him that he needs to consider some of the key things that can help him build a solid eCommerce store. Let me share with you some of the key tips that I have suggested to my friend:-

Responsive Design for E-Commerce Website

Nowadays, every single user like me and you are becoming fickle. First, we search for the product over mobile devices, and then we finalize the deal over laptop or desktop. That is why he needs to have a responsive design. It can help his visitors to access his eCommerce store on mobile devices and desktops. With the highly responsive site, he can also sell his products on the go. As a leading eCommerce web design company, we also offer responsive e-commerce websites.

Right E-commerce Platform Selection

It is the most common mistake committed by beginners. When my friend came to me, he watched a couple of YouTube videos for building an online store. He asked me, Should I build my eCommerce store on Shopify? As YouTube videos inspired him. You may also have the same questions in your mind about what e-commerce platform you should choose. As a part of e-commerce web development. I would like to suggest that you choose the platform based on your convenience, budget, scalability, and expandability. If you have a good budget and are a complete beginner to eCommerce stores, you should go with Shopify. Other than that, you can go with WooCommerce, Drupal, and many other platforms. However, my friend selected Magento because I am helping him to build his eCommerce store.

Proper Description

Product description can make or break the game of e-commerce. But, unfortunately, most of us are not taking it seriously. The same case I have faced with my friend. He was saying that build my store with a minimal product description. But we should never do that; a proper description is not just helpful for the customers. But it is also helpful for search engines to understand the products. Apart from that a proper description and images can attract more customers to your store. As a result, you can have a better conversion rate as compared with your competitor. Now my friend is quite serious about description and product images.

Easy Checkout

Users don’t want to waste their precious time anymore. I also like to purchase my favourite items from online stores within a few minutes. But my friend was forcing me to make the registration mandatory for the customers. It is not the best idea; we always allow the customers to make purchases as guest users. However, it can help you to increase your conversion rate.

Easy Navigation

When my friend came to me, he said that he had a rough diagram for navigation. But when I looked at the navigation path, I refused to follow his diagram. The reason was that he had created a complex and long path for the users. From selecting the product to checkout by making the payment. As a leading e-commerce web development agency. We recommend that you should keep your online store path as short as possible. It should be easy for the customers to explore the categories pages, make their selections, add to the cart, and then checkout. So please don’t try to create a longer path for the customers.

Website Speed optimization

Faster speed is a need of today. Yes, my friend is also serious about website speed. Whenever we create an e-commerce store, we make it as fast as possible. We work in website speed optimization on every single page. You should also take it seriously because a second can greatly impact your website conversion rate. Do a proper speed audit and fix the issue. The faster speed of eCommerce stores always attracts more visitors.

Site Security

The world is full of competition. That is why site security is a must for every e-commerce site. My friend was also worried about the security of his website because he was well aware of online fraud. Website security has two ends, one for the site admin and the other one for its customers. That is why we need to secure our website for unauthorized excess, and we need to provide secure payment to our customers. For this, I embed SSL certificates on my friend’s store. For this, I used 256-bit SSL for the highest level of security. So now his website is secure enough and safe from hackers.

User-generated reviews

Online users don’t trust anything too easily. That is why I suggest to my friend that he should embed some user-generated reviews on his website. Along with that, I also asked him to insert some social proof. It helps an e-commerce site create trust among the users and is more likely to convert them into paying customers.

What do We learn for E-commerce Web Development?

If you want to start your e-commerce store, you should keep all these points in your mind. However, e-commerce sites vary from organization to organization. But if you follow all these points seriously, you can grow your new or existing eCommerce store. You can start on your own or take the help of an e-commerce web development agency. So think before you go with any company. You can also opt for us for your store because we are the most experienced team. We can build the store on every single e-commerce development platform. So be ready to have your eCommerce store with us at affordable charges.