We are a team of professional digital marketers and web designers in the best website design company in the USA. That is why I need to check thousands of websites in my daily routine. We explore many websites that are unorganized and busy with lots of content. What does it mean for you?

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We are talking about those websites which have 0 effort in maintaining the colour scheme and fonts. Apart from that, these sites are also full of tons of pictures. These sites create a negative impact on the brand in the customer’s mind. When We see these terrible sites, We close the tab without having a second thought. And We know that you are also doing the same with these sites daily. No one likes these kinds of websites that are running the user experience. Let me tell you that it also hurts rankings. If you have a little knowledge of SEO, then you are getting my point. Let’s focus on our topic again, so what you should do to avoid these uncommon mistakes? Today, We will share the top 4 tips on how you can simplify your website and win over new customers.

4 Changes to Implement Today To Simplify Your Website Design

Website design is having more importance than ever before. We can bet that you will lose your client faster than the speed of light with your poorly designed website. If you have a well-designed website and you make tribble changes in its interface. Then there are more chances that it will backfire on you. It means that you will lose your customers. Recently a client came to us and asked for our services. We analyzed his website and came to know that it is troublesome. Then they told us that they had tried some updates on their websites from a website development company. But we found that the company made a complete blunder on their website. We offer them the best website design & development services. As a result, it helps them to get their website back on track. Now a designer inside me is enjoying their website. If you are a designer, you will also admire the design for sure. After a certain period, we asked them about their website performance. And they give us a phenomenal report about their website performance. Now they are getting better results with their website. Let me explain to you what are the key considerations for better website design. Let’s explore it now:-

Simplify The Text

Nowadays, most designers are not paying enough attention to the text. Yes, you are listing right that they are paying more attention to the visuals. But do you know that text is quite crucial for a website design? Apart from that, most of the time, the designers focus on other pages. But you should know that the homepage is the crucial page of any website. It sets the tone of other pages of the website. Therefore you should pay enough attention to the homepage. Apart from that, it would be best if you also used enough text on your website. Don’t try too much text on your homepage. You should bold the headlines and also add some text just below the headline. People don’t like to read too much text, so you should use only a small amount of text.

Stick To A Color Scheme

A good colour scheme makes my eyes happy. We are more likely to connect with the site having a good colour scheme. Then we are more likely to connect with it. Therefore you should use the right colour scheme on your website. And stick with a single colour scheme. Don’t try too many colours and different colour schemes. Apart from that, maintain it among your website text background elements and images. It will help you to make your website more organized with the colours. It also allows you to focus on some aspects of your website. And you can also manipulate the eye to go on specific elements of your website. Would you like to use yellow text on the yellow text on white background with a grey object? You will not because it will not make the proper sense. For this, you can either take the help of a website design & development company. Or you can go online and search for colour schemes or colour palettes.

Limit Your Homepage To The Essentials

Don’t add too much content to your website homepage. We already told you that you should use a limited amount of text. But not just text; you should also use a limited amount of objects on your homepage. It would be best if you always kept the essentials on your websites. What do the essentials mean? It means what you are going to show to your customers. It varies from site to site and industry to industry. But keep it simple and concise. And design the website according to your business goals. Try to avoid other content and keep the website essentials. You have other pages on your website that can provide enough information. Please keep it clean and simple. Also, stick to the basics.

Scale Down Your Menu Tabs

We have seen that most of the custom website design companies are not keeping the menu bar clean. They add too many irrelevant options within the menu. It is not necessary to add every single element to the menu. We have designed plenty of websites with my company. We keep on average 5 to 6 tabs within the menu. And if there are some more crucial pages, then we add a dropdown. Especially in eCommerce websites, we add categories and subcategories within the dropdown. Keep it concise so that the user does not need to find the tabs if you allow your customer easy navigation within your website. Then you will find a boost in your sales. In our web design and development, we keep navigation simple for every project.

Let’s Sum Up

We also implement all these tips in our web design and development services. That is why we test these tips. Therefore you can also have great results if you implement them. Try these tips and see the best results. If you are finding it complex for you then search for website development near me. You can also ask us for the best possible help at nominal charges.