What is the average cost to design a mobile app? This is the common question we receive from business owners. Well, the answer to this question is quite simple-It depends on plenty of things.

Be it for Android, IOS, Windows, or some other system, the cost of creating an app does not distil into a single number. According to a recent survey by App Development agencies, the average price for app development is estimated to be $140,000 to $171,450 is 

The average app development cost in the USA is not constant as there are far more low-end apps than there are high-end apps. The entire costs come down to how complex the app is, how many customs features it covers and what systems the app will need to run on, and so forth.

Type of Mobile Apps

A basic or standard version is something like the email app on most mobile devices. Possessing the basic user interface, the app does not need the programmer to use the packaged APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that are common on most operating systems.  However, moderate and complex apps hold more features that require a high budget for development.

The complex apps are for large organizations. Essentially, the companies create a custom development without integrations or they use custom integrations with existing structures. The fee to broaden or build your app can cross manner past what might you expect from it. The complicated apps are legacy or custom applications, which is why it normally results in better development fees. 

The cost of the app design depends individually at every stage of design creation:

Data collection and analysis

Determining the objective of the mobile application makes the app developers come up with a strategy. This aspect automatically highlights the requirements of UX/UI design to the professionals. The influencing factor is choosing mobile platforms and devices. Usually, developing android apps take more time in comparison to developing iPhone apps. This may make you pay more i.e 15-20% for the designer’s time.

The Mobile app development USA team will plot down numerous facets at this level earlier than deep diving into improvement. The team may ask innumerable questions to provide a specific app development quote.


Prototyping is like analyzing the concept and embedding it into an application that provides some basic functionality. This is an essential part of the app development process which provides noticeable benefits to the product saving users from simply visualization and reading product descriptions. A good prototype indicates reaching halfway to the success of the app design. This helps you save budget because this minimizes the probability of changing user requirements that may occur in the lifecycle of a project.

In this stage, the developers validate concepts, build workflows, and perform usability testing. This is the stage where user experience (UX) design considers in a real situation and the concept passes a feasibility test.

Here the need arises to decide on the number of screens the application will need. This is not an aspect for designers but also directly impacts the potential cost of designing a mobile app.

Incorporation of visual design

This stage covers the app’s screen rendering and organizing content and other elements for each screen with the approved colour scheme.  The stage clearly describes the product’s appearance as the user moves from one screen to another. After choosing the right colours, shapes, and fonts, the final design of the product includes icons, logos, screens, and images, and the client makes the final decision.

To represent the design elements, create wireframes to add functionality to each screen and validate the dependency between the screens.  The interactive wireframe becomes a prototype that represents the final product and allows investors to check the solution before spending money on the coding part.

Crucial Factors that influence the Mobile App Development Cost

Freelancer or App Development Company

Hiring the right talent for developing a mobile app is crucial to success. You have two choices, either to hand over the entire task to a freelancer or hire an app development agency. Both are good options in their ways. Hiring a freelancer may suit your pocket well as this is an affordable option. However, it is hard to find a reliable freelancer who ensures timely delivery and works at a rate as low as $20 per hour.  On the contrary, hiring an app development company may make you pay more but at the same time provide you with higher quality and quicker results.

Number of custom elements

The smaller and less difficult the application, the much less time you may need for its development. On the subject of the timing of the application improvement,  you want to determine the scale of the upcoming work. What number of functions can be applied inside the product? What number of screens, buttons, and capabilities will it have? How complex will the software’s commercial enterprise logic be? The complexity degree of the app relies upon the features and integrations you pick and how to get an app to evolve.

Features implemented and screens rendered

Usually, it takes nearly three to six months to develop a quality mobile application.  The common features like user sign-in, push notifications, and primary navigation do not take much time. however adding complex features like online streaming, and credit card payment may extend the development time.

Experience and proficiency of the designers

The expertise and experience of the designers also decide the scope of the project in terms of quality and cost. While complex mobile applications should be managed by dedicated developers, simple app work can also be performed by the team.

The standard app development team includes a programmer, project manager, QA engineer, and II/UX designer while the extended team includes 2-4 developers, and UX/UX engineer, and a system administrator to build a high-quality app. Depending on the size of the development team, the cost may vary.

Geographical location

The location of the app Development Company or freelancer you choose has a vital role in deciding the final cost. Worldwide, the most preferred mobile app development destinations include Australia, India, North America, the UK, South America, and Indonesia.

The cost of creating an app development depends on this location. In Asian countries, the average price ranges from $2o to $35 per hour. However, the cost is somewhere between $35 to $110 in the UK, Australia, or America.

The Bottom Line

The average mobile app cost varies from as low as $6,500 to as high as $250,000.  The most important aspect is coding which takes the most time. Another significant aspect is the complexity that determines the cost of the app. To stay within your budget, it is better to discuss the specific needs with the app development company. Get quotes before delving into the development of an app. Covering the usual cost to design an app, the article covers different aspects of designing an app. If you need assistance or consultation for mobile app development services, reach out to Mobile app development in USAThe  Decoro Software Solutions at https://decorosoft.com/.