Covid 19 is teaching us many lessons. One of the most important lessons it teaches us is that businesses have to move online. Likewise, we have seen that the lockdowns affect most the retail and offline businesses. But have you ever realized that Covid-19 also impacts the eCommerce business? Yes, you are thinking right; the eCommerce business has made many sales in 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

Many people ask me if they shift their business online. Do you think they can compete with the giant eCommerce store? Not. It is not that easy to compete with the giants. But wait, there are lots of businesses in the USA that shift from offline to online stores. And they are competing well. So what are the secrets behind this? The secret is social media. Yes, social media allows you to build a personalized connection with your audience.

ecommerce web development

We have helped most businesses during the lockdown who were searching for e-commerce website development near me. Our team put our efforts into delivering interactive eCommerce websites to clients. Apart from that, we have also helped the business to build its social media profiles. For this, we have used e-comm. Yup, you may not be aware of social e-comm, but don’t worry, I will explain it to you. Let us dig deeper into this blog to explore more:-

What is Social E-Commerce?

Social e-commerce is not like having an eCommerce site. Social eCommerce is a way to sell products through social media. As a part of the leading eCommerce website front end. We develop websites that can be easily accessible to users. Even if they are redirected from their social media profiles, they can easily click links from their social media profiles. And then buy the product on the product page of the retailer.

Growth of Social E-Commerce

The growth in social e-commerce is tremendous. And the growth is unstoppable because it increases year by year. The businesses come to us for affordable eCommerce website development. The business demands that the website be compatible with social media and easy to use for users. For this, we always create a website that can be easily accessible on mobile devices.

As the Best e-Commerce website development company, we develop faster eCommerce stores. Most of the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest offer the discovery experience to users. That is why we ensure that the users redirect from this app to your eCommerce store. Then they get the most interactive way to make purchases.

Features Offered by Social E-Commerce

Nowadays, social media platforms are competing with each other. Therefore you can get more interactive features than ever before on social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are the market leaders in Social com.

Nowadays, Facebook offers product catalogues. It allows you to display your eCommerce product on your Facebook page. But, unfortunately, it is quite complex for you to do. But don’t worry, we are offering Shopify e-Commerce website development services. And we integrate Shopify with your Facebook page.

Instagram also offers checkout features to purchase the product on it. Apart from that, Twitter Carousel and Livestream shopping ads also offer the best social e-com experience. As the leading custom eCommerce application development. We integrate Instagram and Twitter with your e-commerce application. I am the leading developer in our b2b e-commerce web development agency. I always ensure that the eCommerce website should offer secure payment methods. And should work seamlessly with different types of social e-com ads.

Apart from that, lots of social media applications are offering tremendous features for social e-com. Likewise, Snapchat is offering fashion recommendations to users with its app. And this app is known as Screenshot. Snapchat has become one of the leading Social e-com platforms for apparel e-com stores. It uses AT lens technology that allows the users to experience and try them virtually.

We are a team of leading eCommerce front-end developers. We make sure that the eCommerce store should be appealing enough. Likewise, when you create stunning ads or post on social media. Then it becomes crucial to have an outstanding website. That should be compiled with stunning ads.

What difficulties are faced by business

Most of us think that we all use social media these days. From a teenager to an older adult. Everyone is familiar with social media. During the lockdown and Covid-19 pandemic, we also get aware of Social e-com. But most businesses are still not able to utilize social commerce as their competitors.

The reason is that they are still not getting familiar with social e-com. The eCommerce companies keep adding lots of sophisticated features for social e-com. Likewise, Tiktok has also released its eCommerce solution to users. Apart from that, they are also not able to utilize their eCommerce store for Facebook ads. Such as collections ads, dynamic product ads, promo, and showcase tiles. As a result, they get poor AD scores and ultimately get low sales.

Social media platforms are offering many features to businesses. Unfortunately, too many options also create confusion in the user’s mind. Likewise, If I have an eCommerce store, then I might always get confused about which one is the best for me. But it would be best if you did not worry anymore. We also integrate analytics with your eCommerce store. It will help you to keep track of your customers and make sales.

Let’s Sum Up

In the end, I would like to say that it is just the beginning. Social e-com will rule the entire eCommerce industry for sure. It is not just ramping up online sales in Covid 19, but it would also benefit the eCommerce store for a long time. Social media apps keep adding more interactive features. It helps the business promote its products and helps users purchase or order online within the application. But keep in mind that for better online sales, you should not depend on social media platforms. It would be best to focus on your eCommerce store to make it more interactive and easy to use for the customers. So be ready to build your eCommerce store to generate more online sales.