.NET is an open-source framework intended for developing apps on Windows, although it does support other operating systems. It was created by Microsoft in the year 2002, and after its release, the framework dominated the market. Even today, many experts in the industry use .NET. If you want your enterprise application to function as planned, you should consider using .NET. There are many benefits of using .NET to develop an application. 

What is an enterprise application?

An enterprise application helps you organize the operations of your organization with the help of its functions. A few examples are ERP, CMS, spreadsheets, etc. This software has a high demand in the industry and can be sold with a good profit margin. Open-sourced software like .NET is extremely beneficial for an organization. 

Why should you use .NET?

  • Efficiency

The object-oriented programming model helps developers break down complicated applications into data-filled objects. The behaviour of the objects is defined by the developers, plus they can also check how the objects interact with the software. .NET uses object-oriented programming at a wide scale, which makes it efficient. The developers using .NET get access to extensive libraries and reusable codes. You do not have to waste your time creating code from the scratch. This makes .NET more cost-effective, and developers can complete the project within the time frame. 

  • Adaptability

Asp.NET application development is language-independent, which means that it supports multiple languages like COBOL, C++, C#, Visual Basic, etc. The common language runtime manages this by taking care of crucial aspects like memory and security. Each project is different, and it is necessary for the project to function well with a specific language. With .NET, you are never limited to the choices that you have. You can analyze which language is the best for your enterprise application and then proceed with the project. 

By using the framework, developers can run the products successfully in several other environments. .NET is extremely popular for people who are in the field of enterprise application development.

  • Mobile app development

.NET acts as a wonderful mobile phone app development framework too. The Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT) allows developers to develop a .NET application by using drag-and-drop features. If you want to add any feature to your application, all you have to do is simply drag it and then drop it. You will be able to test the application on different screen sizes using their advanced emulator. Before you release your .NET application, you should have the means to see how the end user will experience it. Because in the application market, everything is about the user. If the user experience is poor, your .NET application will perform terribly in the market. However, you have no need to worry because you can check an application before publishing it in .NET development.

  • Big community

No one can do everything alone, and as human beings, we are hardwired to get the needed support. That is why programming languages or frameworks with an active community perform well. Developers have the assurance that if they have any problem during the development phase, they will always be able to get help. 

.NET has one of the most active communities in the programming world with more than 6 million active members. If you want to learn .NET development, you should get help from their community. .NET has a learning curve but once you are done, it is only gonna be smooth sailing. Many developers who ever have trouble while learning .NET, get help from active community members. 

Other than that, there are a lot of educational resources offered by Microsoft itself to get developers started with .NET. Since it is so popular among developers, you can also find other paid or free tutorials. 

  • Scalability

.NET is an extremely scalable framework, and developers can create a blueprint of the objects to reuse in the appropriate scenarios. Developers can make changes to the code without affecting the parts that do not need to be changed. Since developers are able to create such blueprints, most .NET development is rapid and can be scaled up when developers deem it necessary. If you are involved in a .NET development project, you should understand the requirements first. Because of that, you will be able to know what type of blueprint you need and the time frame of the project. .NET is the top choice for developing an application because it is scalable, fast, and secure. 

If you are having doubts about using .NET for enterprise application development, you should know that top MNCs like Accenture, Stack Overflow, Microsoft, Intuit, Intel, and other leading corporations use .NET to develop secure mobile applications. 

What makes .NET so good for business is that it is widely used throughout the world in multiple industries. While the developers adjust the requirements, the project grows on its own. If you want to plan an expansion in the market by launching an enterprise application with an increasing number of features, then .NET development outsourcing would be a smart business choice. If you are developing a .NET application, you can rely on the framework to provide you with everything you need. In case you do not have a feature that you could use, then it may be added in future updates. Microsoft constantly updates the .NET framework, since many developers rely on it. In the last few years, Microsoft has focused on improving security, accessibility, performance, and scalability. 

Developers who are focused on an increased level of productivity always prefer .NET development services. Generics, language, integrated query, and asynchronous programming contribute to an extremely quick pace of programming. Other than that, .NET has highly sophisticated class libraries, common APIs, and multiple-language support that drastically increases developer productivity. Because of the powerful services provided in .NET, developers can complete more tasks in a lower amount of time.  

  • Free access

One of the major benefits of using .NET to launch an enterprise application is that you get free access to the platform. Since you do not have to pay for anything to get access, it means that the cost of development reduces. A lot of developers have used the open-source platform to create incredibly powerful applications. It has such a strong community or following because it is an open-source framework. Companies have benefited financially because of .NET, and that is why it has been one of the most popular products in the last two decades. To properly use .NET and unleash its full potential, it is best if a professional does the work. .NET doesn’t just make accessing it free but also easy. You can integrate .NET with other Microsoft applications. This way, you can retrieve data with one id and a strong password.

The id and password you use to log into your email can also be used for .NET programming. Once you get started with .NET, you will get used to it.  

  • Portable

The .NET framework was only developed for Windows earlier. However, now ASP.NET developers can make it function on different platforms. This has helped gain a good percentage of the market share. If Microsoft limited the product just to Windows, their growth would have been extremely limited. Now after using the .NET core, you can transfer the code to multiple platforms like Linux, macOS, OS X, Apache, Windows, etc. If you want your enterprise application to have numerous revenue streams, the worst thing you can do is limit your market. That’s why you should make use of this feature and launch the app on different platforms. 

Final Words

.NET app development definitely has more benefits than disadvantages. You should consider it if you want the product to be developed quickly, have cross-platform capabilities, and be easily deployed to build digital products with ease. If the price of the app development is a concern for your organization, then you should consider .NET, too, because it is an open-source platform. Some of the cons of using .NET to develop your enterprise app are memory leaks, object-relational support, additional licensing costs, etc. Before starting a project, you should analyze what requirements you have from the framework that you will be using. If you do not mind the cons and you definitely need the pros, then you should move forward with that option. 

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