WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the top choice for anyone looking to create a website because it has multiple powerful plugins. These plugins improve the functionality of a website. A website with a basic WordPress theme is useless and may even disappoint visitors. However, if you customize the site to unleash its full potential. You will need to add themes and plugins. A website needs multiple features like an e-commerce store, SEO, newsletter, contact form, etc. The success of your website depends on the right set of plugins. Without the combination of the right plugins, the UX of a WordPress site would be poor. WordPress plugins are the reason that you do not need a developer to create a website. Now you know that plugins are essential, so you should know the best WordPress plugins for developers. Any plugin from this WordPress plugin list can help you immensely. 

  • Freemius

Freemius makes a web developer’s life extremely easy. If you do not know about it, you should look it up today! If you have a business centred around selling customized themes or plugins. You can use Freemius to get started. With the help of Freemius, you do not have to add plugins like WooCommerce to sell e-commerce products because you will be able to sell them through the WP Admin dashboard. This has made WordPress admins’ life easy and the business process smooth.  You also get an option to get a huge amount of feedback data from the users of your plugins. With the help of such data-based feedback, you will know what you are doing right and how you can improve the plugin.

Users are given the option to give anonymous feedback, and if a user uninstalls your plugin, they can provide feedback with the help of a simple form. Perhaps, the best thing about freemium is that it doesn’t ask for an upfront payment. You can install it, test it, and see if you like it. Then, you can purchase the product permanently if you think it suits your business and website. 

  • Health Check and Troubleshooting

This is a plugin that is critical for every site that is available on the internet. The website’s niche doesn’t matter when it comes to the overall health of the site. If there is even one technical problem related to your site, your overall website will be affected. This is an even bigger problem when you use websites for commercial purposes. 

That’s why most websites need a tool that can provide a rundown of the website’s performance. If there is anything wrong with your website, it will be included in the rundown. Developers can use this data to check how server-side stuff is going. Adding this plugin to your website is like going to a doctor. 

Checking your website with the help of this plugin is like getting checked by a doctor. When there is anything wrong with you, the doctor informs you, and if anything will be wrong with your website, this plugin will inform you of the steps to take ahead. If your site is not functioning probably, you can turn on the troubleshooting mode with this plugin. When you are using this mode, all the other plugins will be disabled, and you can start the plugins one by one. 

When you activate a plugin again, you should notice how it affects the website. If you activate a plugin and the problem starts again, then the problem is coming from that plugin. In that case, all you have to do is delete that plugin and install an alternative. This plugin is not designed for everyone, but it is a boon for developers. It makes multiple technical aspects easier and helps them troubleshoot a problem. 

  • LambdaTest

It is extremely difficult to run one website on different browsers and devices. Well, they have taken care of one aspect, and now you don’t have to worry about the cross-browser functionality of your website. This plugin has many devices running with the help of the cloud. When you put your website for a test, your website will run on many different systems, and at the finish, a screenshot will be taken. With the help of this screenshot, you will know whether your website is supported on the browser or not. Such revolutionary technology is rarely seen on WordPress plugins. 

  • Theme Check

WordPress plugins and themes have come a long way over the years. Earlier, there were not many standards, and anyone could start WordPress plugin development. While that encouraged the development of multiple new plugins, now the market has become more saturated. WordPress has set different new standards for inclusion. 

This ensures that any theme designed by a third party is well-designed. 

You can use this plugin to ensure that the theme is following currently applicable standards. A quick scan with the help of this plugin will let you know whether this theme is ready to use or not. This plugin checks that things in the theme are developed the WordPress way because, at the end of the day, everything will be supported by WordPress only. This one makes the WordPress plugins list because it is not overly complex and easily provides the right answers. 

  • UpdraftPlus

Regardless of your skill level or years of experience, a web developer needs a good backup system. UpdraftPlus is the best plugin for a backup system. It makes the backup process simple and easy, which is why this makes the top WordPress plugins list. You cannot move ahead with development without a solid backup plan. If you do, then a website crash is inevitable. With the help of remote storage, UpdraftPlus keeps your data safe. One of the best features of this plugin is that it can clone sites which can help in temporary debugging. It doesn’t just create backups randomly, but everything is done on a proper schedule. You can also personally select which files you want to back up. This gives the website manager a great deal of power over the website’s functionality. You can choose if you want the backup to be done manually or automatically.

They believe in giving power to the customer. It can be highly annoying when you are working on a website, and it starts to create a backup. You can add this plugin to your essential WordPress plugins list. 

  • WordFence

Once you have a website it is necessary to keep it secure. While there are mechanisms in place to ensure that no one is able to access your site. Hackers nowadays have advanced tech and they are able to penetrate the firewall of sites. That is why you should not take any chances and purchase a security plugin. The special thing about WordFence is that the moment any suspicious activity takes place you will get an email. WordPress admins get daily reminders if anything needs to be done to improve the security of the website. 

The emails that WordFence sends are invaluable for the user. Some of the files in your WordPress site can be years old. It is likely that during the years, some of these files will get corrupted due to many reasons. However, once these files get corrupted, they have the power to halt your entire website. In that case, your focus is to get your site back on track. With the help of WordFence, you can repair corrupted files. Many companies work hard for WordPress plugin development, but only a few can integrate it with other systems. WordFence accomplishes this easily! 

  • User Switching

A WordPress website has many users like administrators, authors, editors, etc. The idea behind the user-switching plugin is that one user should know what the view of the website looks like for another user. This helps in the delegation and management of website-related work. Troubleshooting the problems of a site becomes extremely easy once you can view the site from the viewpoint of different users. When you switch to another user, you will not see the account’s password. When one user faces an issue with website administration, it is the responsibility of the developer to fix this issue. In this case, the developer may have to check whether other users are facing the issue or not.

With the help of this plugin, developers will finally know which users are facing the problem. Before WordPress plugin development, you must understand the problems that developers face. This plugin doesn’t only solve the problem of its users, but the creators of this plugin are well versed in the daily struggles of a WordPress admin. 

  • Regenerate Thumbnails

Everyone starts a site with one theme, but throughout the year, people need to switch themes to ensure that the site provides the best UX. Imagine an app that doesn’t get any updates ever. No one will use it, right? The same is true for websites. One of the most common updates is swapping out image dimensions. Whenever you change the image dimensions, WordPress doesn’t alter the attached thumbnails. Doing this manually is a boring and lengthy process that takes all the fun out of website design. If you need a plugin that can do this automatically, then this is the right plugin. This plugin keeps your website going even after some changes, that’s why it is included in the best WordPress plugins list. With a single click, you can regenerate the thumbnail for each image in the media gallery. 

  • Advanced custom fields

Most successful WordPress websites use custom fields. WordPress is built around the idea of extensibility. You can start small and then extend your website. This plugin is the best friend of developers. If you want to track any content within posts, pages, or custom post types, you can do that with advanced custom fields. By applying new meta boxes into a user’s backend, you can track and display a huge amount of data. Don’t want to use PHP to build a website? No problem, as you can use ACF to build elegant features. If you are looking for plugins to help you in website development, add this one to the list!

  • WP Reset

Many websites break down and the developers usually have no idea what caused the problem. Usually, people wonder what they did to break the site, and then they reinstall and restructure the database. Instead of going through that lengthy process, you can just use WP Reset to fix your problems. It gets rid of all the tweaks you made to the site and you can start fresh without having to repeat the process.  All this is done with the help of snapshots. You can use the plugin to create an image of your site and with a click, you can reset your website to that image. You will be able to see from where you got the issues started. It helps in diagnosing the problems of your website. This plugin has been developed smartly thanks to their WordPress plugins development team.  

  • File Manager

A powerful FTP keeps your website running. Being able to move your files instantly to your server is one of the most powerful ways to manage a website. For web developers, FTP is needed to perform the most basic tasks. That is why the WordPress plugins development team has to work hard to provide useful features. Having a fully functional file manager inside your WordPress admin panel is extremely useful. If you are a developer who wants to create a powerful website, this needs to be in your toolbox. 

  • Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that performs on-page SEO so that people can actually find your website. While doing SEO is usually not the developer’s job there are some tasks that the developer can perform which will make the site more SEO friendly. What are those tasks? You can find them with the help of Yoast SEO. If there is something on your site which is creating problems for SEO, Yoast SEO will point that out. WordPress plugins for SEO are always needed and Yoast SEO is one of the best options.