Hello readers, are you searching for the answer to which mobile application developer you should become? If yes, then here is the best answer for you, actually, at the initial stage of my career. It has been almost 5 years. I was having the same question in my mind: which mobile development is best for me? At that time, I opted for Android app development.

But later on, I decided to learn iOS, Windows, and other mobile app development. You can say that I am a cross-platform app developer. So let’s get back to the question of what app developer you should become. Nowadays, competition is rising at a rapid pace. Therefore being an app developer for specific platforms won’t let you succeed. So that is why you should be a cross-platform app developer to get more career opportunities.

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These developers can easily get jobs in startups, SMEs, and even reputed organizations with the best salary hike. Now you may be thinking about which Cross-Platform Tools for App Development in 2022 to learn. Let’s explore these tools to know their potential:-

11 Popular Cross-Platform Tools for App Development 2021

1. React Native

React is love!!! Yup, you may be thinking that why am I saying this? Let me explain to you that React Native is the leading platform for native applications. And Native applications can be run on any platform. If you are familiar with JavaScript, you will also love this tool for cross-platform app development. Apart from that, if you are familiar with C, Swift, and Java, you will also find it easy. Because you can easily write your mobile app modules in these languages. It is super easy to develop cross-platform mobile apps

2. Xamarin

If you have an idea about cross-platform app development. Then you may have known something about Xamarin. I love to use Xamarin for most of my cross-app development projects. You can create any kind of app with just a single .net code for any platform. It uses the native interface that helps you to develop stunning cross-platform apps. With the help of Xamarian, you need to write a single code for any platform. After that, it will identify the process for cross-platform mobile development.

3. Flutter

Sometimes I like to create apps with the help of software development kits. For this, I always go with flutter android and ios. It allows me to develop high-end applications for any mobile app platform. It is an open-source SDK created by Google; that is why I or anyone can use it for free. As a part of the best custom ios mobile app development company. Flutter is always the first choice for me. It offers lots of features to develop mobile apps. You can use its top feature, i.e. widget, to develop high-performance apps.

4. Ionic

If you have basic knowledge of web designing, then this tool is only for you. Yes, Ionic is the leading HTML5 SDK that allows you to develop native apps easily. For this, you can utilize advanced technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It offers lots of pre-designed components, Typography, Super themes, and lots more. It also has the best support for different API such as TypeScript, Virtual DOM, JSX, and async to create PWA/

5. Appcelerator

If you want to develop a cross-platform faster, then this tool is for you. It offers the most simple process to develop mobile apps. In this tool, you can use a single JavaScript code to build native mobile apps. It also has built-in automated testing that allows you to test your app. With the help of this, you can measure your app usage and performance. Apart from that, you can also detect bugs and other performance-related issues with your apps.

6. Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap can also be a preferred choice if you want to develop mobile apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It runs on an open-source framework Apache Cordova. It gives the complete set of tools that help you to develop cross-platform mobile apps without any hassle. If you are a complete beginner in mobile app development. Then you should go with these excellent tools. It will help you to create apps without any prior knowledge of complex programming languages and SDKs.

7. Corona

Corona!!! No, no, it’s not Coronavirus. It is the leading tool to develop mobile apps using one codebase. It is quite faster to develop, and easy to update the code and save changes with this tool. It is a free-to-use android app platform and for many other platforms

8. Qt

If you give priority to UI more than sophisticated features, then Qt is the best for you. It is quite easy to create fluid UIs for any mobile application. Apart from that, you can easily make changes to your app with this great tool. Moreover, it offers easy to use interface to the developer. Therefore it is quite easy for you to start with this tool.

9. Sencha

If you are familiar with Java and JavaScript, then you will definitely opt for sencha. It offers all the features of a complete mobile app development framework. You will get 100+ fully supported and well-tested UI components to integrate into your mobile app. You can also do end-to-end testing of your apps with this tool.

10. Unity3D

If you want to build high-graphic mobile apps, then you should go with Unity3D. Yes, it offers the highest-quality graphics for mobile apps. It is quite easy to use, and if you are a complete beginner, you can use it. You can export the apps from almost 17 platforms with this app. You can also share your app on social media networks easily.

11. 5App

If you want to create apps for business, i.e. related to learning, HR consulting, and many more. If you are familiar with HTML5 and JavaScript, then you can develop mobile apps more precisely with this tool.

What do We Learn?

We have gone through 11 Popular Cross-Platform Tools for App Development in 2022. You may find some tools are good enough for you and some are not that good for you. Selecting the tool also depends on your expertise and skills. But you can pick any of these, and it will definitely help you create great cross-platform mobile apps. If you are still finding it difficult to choose the best one, you can consult the best custom ios app development company.