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AMI helps in managing the shrimp's life cycle with all the data including feed reports, tank analysis system and water quality parameters. AMI uses, at present, about 25% of their land for their aquaculture ventures, though they are scaling up to triple that. Pure water, which is essential for shrimp farming, comes from a well about 1800 feet deep.

Business Challenge

American Mariculture started all internal business workflows and maintaining data manually and then they started using excel to maintain data. This data was used to make decisions on shrimp growth from PL Stage to broodstock Stage on the basis of survival rate,fcr., the volume of the data was too much and it was not easy to handle in excel files. The business is growing and they need a solution which can handle large amounts of data to show dashboards which are capable of showing the live datasets. Analytical data is very important to make critical decisions for the business.

Client Requirements

Hence their requirement was for a software that helps them manage the complete shrimps life cycle using the data stocked with embedded sensors, ID tags, and more to let the users breed, harvest, and track their entire mariculture population.

Our Solutions

We proposed a cloud solution on the Windows Azure platform using Angular and SQL Cloud database with ASP.Net Core to build an analytical application. There are several other front end applications that are used to capture data and visualise it on the web & mobile platforms.

Now the system dynamically calculates data on a daily basis of the shrimp population, so we can easily see how the shrimp are growing and what they need, like how much feed they need to grow. Our software helps them in managing all the shrimp's life cycle with all the data including feed reports, tank analysis system, water quality parameters such as temperature, pH value, etc.

Moreover, we provide all the functionality related to the stocking and harvest of the shrimps. In addition to this, creating formulas for feed quantity distribution among the shrimps as per their sizes and managing the parameters also. Furthermore, maintaining all the data of the shrimp life cycle till the time of the harvest and handling them. Providing the application as per clients accessibility and feasibility. Maintaining all the history of every single tank (including the shrimps) with their stocked population, date of birth, days of culture, their expected and observed weight on daily basis, current population and feed ratio. Showing all the data by using graph charts, feedsheet and daily overlay reports.

Success Story

  • Analytical presentation of data
  • Elimination of manual dependencies through automation
  • Less human errors
  • Easy maintenance of huge volume data
  • Increase in production
  • Double hike in profits

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