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Redesign, Rebuild & Reclaim Your Agribusiness With Agriculture Software Development

Decoro SoftwareSolutions offers agriculture custom software development services for agribusinesses and AgriTech startups to automate farming workflow, improve farm and crop management processes, and best-practice farming processes.

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Agriculture Software Development Solutions

Decoro's robust agriculture custom software development solutions are equipped with a sturdy technology stack to help farmers and agribusinesses to gain more control and perceptibility over their land, crops, livestock, and equipment.

Land Management

Decoro Software Solutions offers premium agriculture software development solutions enriched with the following tech features for perfect land management:

Land Mapping & GPS Software: Latest GPS technology for site-specific data mapping optimization.

3D Field Design Applications: Custom 3D field design apps to flawlessly integrate with topography mapping software for added visualization and management of all land areas.

Smart Controllers & Sensors: Smart controllers & sensors to highlight changes in temperature, light, humidity, weather patterns, and other environmental factors.

Custom Farm Management

Decoro's highly scalable and flexible farm management software development is a one-stop shop for the entire agriculture & farming industry.

Farm Inventory Management: Our farm management software comes with RFID systems, barcodes, serial number ID scanners, and other GIS technologies for maximum visibility.

Farm Equipment Servicing: Adorned with GIS equipment inspection software for in-field inspections with mobile apps.

Crop Planning & Tending: Farm mapping software decorated with features that support automatic watering, irrigation, and planting optimization for better crop management.

Labor Management Software: LMS for better scheduling, reporting, and tracking of employees and their movements in the field.

Farm Accounting Software: FMS for a better track of profit and cost-of-goods-sold (COGS).

Mobile Farm Management: Farm management mobile apps to access data analytics, surveillance systems, and other controls remotely.

Agribusiness Software: Meeraki provides popular CRM software solutions to automate marketing, social media process, and streamline lead conversion processes.

Livestock Management

Meeraki's livestock management software solution empowers livestock farmers and operations managers to plan finances, manage records, analyze data, and manage inventory.

Livestock Inventory Software: Automated livestock inventory software (LIS) to gain control on inventory and manage retail & wholesale prices.

Livestock Tracking Software: LTS to track livestock locations from the ranch to delivery.

Cattle Management Software: CMS for proper cattle management, such as performing planned grazing.

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Precision Agriculture Software Solutions

Knock the door Decoro Software Solutions to develop precision agriculture software for smart farming technologies to interface with existing monitoring & sensor software for added interoperability.

We are the leading app development company in USA that deals with every type of mobile app development service for various industries. At Decoro Software Solutions, you’ll find the best of the best software developers delivering top-notch iOS app development in USA.

  • Agriculture Monitoring Systems
  • Agriculture Soil Sensors
  • Agriculture Software Integrations
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Mariculture Software Solutions

Decoro's mariculture software solutions are stocked with embedded sensors, ID tags, and more to let the users breed, harvest, and track their entire mariculture population.

At Decoro Software Solutions, our expert team of professionals tries their best to help you provide the best agriculture software development solutions. Also, we offer fully customized farm management software solutions to help you provide the features that best suit your business requirements.

  • Application Development
  • Management Systems
  • Fish Farm Management Software

Give Wings To Your Customization With Our Latest Technology Ecosystem:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • AI & machine learning
  • Big data & analytics
  • Location-based services
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • UI/UX design

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