Web development is quite a complicated task. Choosing a programming language for your website is difficult as many prominent programming languages are available. Many development frameworks have proved themselves capable of building a great website. The language the programmer chooses always depends on how strong and responsive they want the end application to be. Python has gained a cult status in the web developer’s community, and that too in a short period. Not only can the language be used to develop complicated applications with rich functions, but it is also extremely easy to learn. That’s why if your team is thinking of choosing Python for web development, you can go ahead. 

Python programming helps you create a similar set of functionalities with fewer lines of code. While usually, it takes months to create a fully functional prototype, with Python programming, you will be able to do it in weeks. After creating a website demo, you can get opinions from your team members and then make changes accordingly. 

Many startups and emerging organizations use the Python web framework as it increases productivity. Some of the most used websites and applications on the internet are developed with Python. Examples include Netflix, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Uber, Pinterest, Dropbox, Quora, etc. That’s like half of the most visited sites on the internet. If most websites use Python for web development, then it is a great option for your website. However, the programming language has many competitors. Throughout the years, it had to make its place in the market by providing superior functionality and being able to adjust to change at a superior pace. 

Benefits of using Python for web development 

Software engineers recognize the following benefits that make Python for web development a top option.

  • Python is an open-source language

Python is the gem it is today because professional software engineers worldwide have contributed to developing it. It is an open-source programming language, and each developer can modify the Python web framework to meet the project’s needs. Technology is ever-changing which is why a good programming language is flexible. This language can easily be scaled up by creating blocks and libraries. All these changes do not cost you anything! 

  • Easy to learn

Everyone starts from somewhere. If you want to develop a powerful website but do not have the funds to hire software engineers. Then you can start learning Python programming, and within some time, you will be able to develop your website without the need to hire software engineers initially. When your website can generate some revenue, you can slowly start hiring people with the required technical skills. 

  • It helps you build more functions with less code required

One of the most essential features of Python is that you can code many complicated functions with simple code that is not lengthy. With the help of Python programming, you can create a multi-dimensional website. To be a successful web developer, you should learn Full stack python

  • Has built-in libraries that can support the use of AI in web development

Python programming is becoming extremely famous, and it has been that way for a few years. Other than that, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also gaining traction. Many websites or applications may need AI or ML, which is where the in-built libraries of Python help. 

  • Prototypes are easily built

A prototype is the first view or a demo of the final product in the making. When developing a website, you need to view the prototype with your team and decide what can be done better. However, some teams take a lot of time to build a prototype. Python is extremely easy to use, so it is extremely fast to build a prototype with Python. This saves time, money, and human resources. You will be able to make fast decisions. 

  • Django

Django is an extremely useful Python framework. It is an added attraction as far as Python for web development is concerned. You can represent your website by being able to model your domain and codes. This lures developers to take a deeper look at the programming language. Soon they discover how powerful and flexible the language is for web development. The standard functionalities to create a website comes with Django as downloadable package. Installing Django allows you access to the user authentication system, URL routing, the template engine, object-relational mapper, and database schema migrations. This makes setting up the initial application rapidly fast. Proficiency in Django leads to a clean, fast, and logical website. 

You may consider your work done when your web development is finished. However, that’s when you are just getting started. Your next task for business success is to be visible in search results. Lucky for you, Django comes with a SlugField Model Field that allows you to generate search engine-friendly text strings. These text strings are used to create useful URLs easily. Your website needs SEO friendly URL to rank well. Django helps you fulfill that need. 

  • Platform Independent

One of the best things about Python is that it is platform-independent, which means that a website made by Python can be used on any operating system like MS Windows, Linux, Fedora, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Solaris, etc. With a few tweaks in the source code, people with a different OS can use your Python-programmed website. This saves a lot of money and time as you do not have to reprogram the website each time you want to launch it for customers with a different OS. 

  • Community makes you strong

Being an open-source programming language means having great community support. If you have questions to ask, then do so, and others will answer. 

If you are facing a strange new issue, then a team of developers or one developer can work to fix that issue. Python is one of the most popular programming languages, which makes their community even stronger. It is also exciting to hear from another developer. 

  • Python will get you closer to success

Many social media platforms like Instagram and video streaming services like Youtube use Python as their premier programming language. The list also includes popular e-commerce platforms like e bay and payment platforms like PayPal. You must consider your future goals if you are just starting your business. So if you plan to succeed in online business, choosing Python as your main programming language is always beneficial. 

  • Python is useful in the IoT era

The Internet of Things is the next big thing in the technology market. Python is considered the best not only for web development but also allows developers to put their ideas into practice. With advanced Python, developers can design their gadgets and connect them with real-world objects at a low cost. 

Cons of using Python for developing your website

Python has a lot of advantages, but there are some cons you should know about before you consider it for your web development project. 

  • Fewer expert programmers are available

Your website will provide a top-notch user experience if expert programmers develop it. People who have done programming in Java generally have more programming experience or knowledge than Python developers. 

Of course, exceptions always exist, but finding such developers for your project is a challenge. 

  • Lack of multiprocessing support

Multiprocessing is crucial when it comes to writing a good application. Python does support multiprocessing, although it is not as flexible as other languages. This can create certain barriers for your developers. 

  • Speed Problems

Python is an interpreted script language which makes it a bit slower than its compiled counterparts like C/C++ or Java because they use different methods to translate code. However, It is not the only language with speed problems. Several other languages like Ruby, Perl, and JavaScript have speeds of the same scale. During the past years, some issues related to speed have been addressed. 

  • Design Restriction

Python is dynamically typed, meaning it executes certain tasks while the app is running. In a statically typed language, these tasks are already completed. This puts some restrictions on the type of design you can create. If your design is loaded with elements, it may prevent the smooth operation of the program. 

You should go for Python!

Technology is rapidly changing, and Python is one of the rare languages that can keep up with these changes. If you are developing a website, then it needs to be suitable for current technology levels. It faced problems like its speed issue throughout the years, but all issues were addressed. It is not a flawless language, but being open-sourced means that the developer community can address any newly discovered issues. If you face any issue while developing your website with Python, their dynamic library and community will help you resolve it. It not only works smoothly on its own but also functions well with other languages. This is one of the strengths that makes it a top choice for web development. If you want your website to be functionally superior, you should use it as your primary programming language. 

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