The Coronavirus Outbreak has affected every single person, be it a millionaire or a labourer who works in a small company. It has caused health emergencies as well as economic slowdowns, which is why enterprises have turned up to the web platform to boost their businesses and to see the desired productivity. Today, we will discuss the benefits of hiring a web development agency for SMEs during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The economic impact on big enterprises can be negligible as big enterprises have a good backup of everything. On the other side, the outbreak has destroyed many small businesses. Some small businesses are about to die due to the ongoing pandemic. To keep the business alive, enterprise owners are now switching towards online businesses. Run a small business and want to improve its productivity, then you must learn to develop a good relationship with your customers and attract new consumers using the web platform. It can be achieved with the help of a trusted web development company.

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Thankfully, you can quickly get a reliable web development agency from a web search. Before we jump onto the benefits of hiring a web development agency for SMEs, let’s discuss the challenges faced by Small Businesses during this Pandemic period.

Challenges Faced by Small Businesses during COVID 19

Changes in Capital Assets

Due to the lockdown, small businesses have faced many troubles, which is why they are more affected than online businesses or big enterprises. Due to changes in capital assets, they are unable to get back on track. They need a booster to take the business on the Fastrack.

Changes in the Daily Workforce

Coronavirus spreads from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth. To maintain a safe distance between the people, the Government has set out a rule for the companies to reduce the workforce by allowing only half of the workforce. The production department is facing many issues due to this rule.

Changes in the Daily Workforce

Not all companies are running during the Pandemic. Some companies have been shut down entirely for so many reasons. This has created problems for the inventories. The supply chain has also been missed due to irregularities with the partner companies.

Issues with Insurance

Since Coronavirus is a Pandemic, Insurance companies have backed off from their services. Companies are now facing issues with Insurance Companies as they deny insurance to the workers and the company.

Marketing Structure

The entire marketing structure got affected due to the lockdown and the fear of getting infected by COVID-19. This has changed the whole marketing structure of many businesses across the globe. These are some of the issues that most small businesses are facing. Over 70% of the world’s businesses are run through small enterprises. Each of these businesses has seen many changes during this lockdown period of the Pandemic. Many of these businesses have shut down due to a lack of workers and funding.

However, there’s still hope to live with the small business. When there’s hope, there’s life. We are talking about changing the business model of your small business here. Small businesses are dependent upon the physical business model. They lack the digitalization of their business, which is why they got depressed.

We have heard many new words, such as work from home, online coaching, online study, etc. during this lockdown period. The majority of people are now working online, businesses are doing their business online and students are studying online through different software on the web platform.

Here, we have enlisted the Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Company for Small Businesses.

Why Should Small Businesses Hire Web Development Company?

Low Budget

The best part about hiring a web development agency for your small business is you don’t have to invest lakhs of rupees in developing a website. With high competition in the market, you can get a reliable web development agency at affordable rates. You can quickly get started with your own online business for a few hundred bucks only.

If you have just started your business and the Pandemic has completely stopped it, it’s the right time to hire a web development company so that you can have your business website to boost your business model.

24/7 Availability

When you run a real business, you will be allowed to run it for limited hours only. However, when you go online, you can keep your business running 24/7. Yes, people can reach you out at any time they want through your phone number or email listed on the website. There’s no bound of working hours as you can easily manage a web-based business on your own on a computer system or even you can do so on your mobile phone.

Wider Audiences

When you launch a business website, it will be visible to everyone. A website can be explored by anyone on a computer system or smartphone from anywhere. Unlike the physical store, an online business can give you more audiences who can explore all the products and services listed on your website.

Brand Visibility

Small businesses have limited audiences and everyone does not recognize them. When you launch a website for your small business or a startup, you can become a recognizable brand by selling out high-demand products and affordable services. You can simply share your website’s URL on WhatsApp or can make use of social networks with the help of the same agency. When you become a famous brand, your productivity will double with great benefits.

Collection of User’s Data

You can also keep an inquiry form on the website. New customers can reach you by filling in their contact details along with the query that they have about the product or the service. You can keep a database of such users to expand your business through promotion.

Easy Access to the Tools and Services

When you run a business on the web, you will not be required to have a physical workforce or can set up the web business with a limited workforce. All the services with the professional expertise of tools, and training are easily available to handle the business. Unlike the physical stores, you don’t need to have many workers for the same. You just need to keep a team ready who can manage the orders and pack the products to ship.


It’s effortless to switch your business from a physical model to a web platform. Over 60% of the world’s businesses are now running on the web as they have started doing business through websites and other digital mediums.

Irrespective of your business size, you must have to have a website with all the details of the products and services that you offer. You will see positive results very soon with an increased number of customers and high demand.