iOS app development

App development for iOS is a promising branch of the Information Technology sector. Experts predict that by the next financial year, worldwide mobile app revenue will cross $935 billion. To ensure that your business can benefit from this boom, you should know everything about the recent trends in iOS app development. 

With time, users’ needs are changing, and new technologies are available. That’s why it is important to keep tabs on these trends. If you fail to use the recent trends in iOS app development and a competitor does, then your business will be left behind.  

More than 25,000 apps are released monthly. As a result, competition in the app development business is stiff. To get ahead of the curve, you must know the recent iOS app development trends and capitalize on them before the competition. 

If you remain a stranger to the latest buzz, you may be defeated by competitors developing iOS apps. Your business may shut down entirely if you do not develop an iOS app that is in touch with the recent trends. 

Around seven trends will make your next iOS app compelling enough for the user. 

iOS app development trends for the year 2022

1. Swift 6

Swift is an easy-to-learn tool for iOS app development. Big technology companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Slack, and Slack use Swift. Clear syntax, compatibility, API, and module stability make Swift a lucrative option for iOS app development. When Swift 6 is released, it will come with many other changes in the language. This update will increase the compatibility rate of the language. Swift 6 will focus on supporting other platforms too.

2. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Every iOS app uses AI and ML functions like facial recognition, speech recognition, search recommendations, Siri, text, and image classification. Android users have been affected by ML and AI for a long time. They are not new trends, and no iOS app can function without them. All these features have become necessary for iOS app development, and you will require them in the future. However, with time new technology is being developed in ML and AI. Any recent trends in ML and AI will be incorporated into iOS and the apps. 

Siri is an AI voice assistant that answers the user’s queries. iOS app developers have been integrating Siri into their apps since 2016. In any app, Siri works with the user’s intent. 

In 2017, Apple introduced a technology named Core ML. It is a framework that allows the integration of ML models into iOS apps to make predictions based on the input. This new technology has made iOS apps smarter and improved the user experience. As an app developer, you should take advantage of technologies like machine learning. Otherwise, your app will lack certain essential features. 

3. Augmented Re

Recently, augmented reality has dramatically affected the app market. Some apps with augmented reality features have done extremely well, like Pokemon Go. When that game came out in the market, people went crazy over it. This is an example of how you can create a craze around your app using app development trends.

Now, businesses that never thought of adding an AR feature are adding it to their app and seeing a great response. If you add the AR feature to your iOS app, it gives customers an enhanced experience. For example, businesses like IKEA added the AR feature to their app. This allows customers to see how the product will look in their homes. It made people more comfortable buying IKEA products instead of second-guessing things. 

No matter what type of iOS app you develop, the AR feature can seriously benefit and improve its utility. With the help of ARkit 5, you can place AR objects at any location you want using the location anchor.

Users can now use the back and front cameras of the phone at the same time. You can also place AR elements in front of people or behind them. Some of the new features included in ARkit5 are facing tracking support, depth API, instant AR placement, and motion capture. 

4. App clips

It is a common trick in business to give potential customers a trial before they can start using the product. Now iOS app developers are also adapting this trick to gain new customers. Users can use a small part of the application and see if they like it enough to install the entire app. App clips are incredibly lightweight and are automatically deleted from the user’s iPhone if it is not used within the first thirty days. You should give special attention to the app clip creation process because if users like the app clip, they are more likely to install the complete app. 

5. IoT and HomeKit

IoT is a technology that helps users connect all their devices to one system and use them seamlessly. In 2014, Apple launched an IoT ecosystem that could integrate devices from multiple vendors. Users could control the integrated devices with their iPhone or Apple watch. You can also control things like doors, lights, safes, fans, shades, coffee machines, and much more with Siri. Life has never been easier for Apple users. The company has done a great job creating an ecosystem of products that complement each other. Someone who is an Apple customer once never returns to another brand. 

The latest update in HomeKit Secure Video allows users to get notifications when vital activity occurs in their house, and you can even view the footage. 

In the past few years, smart home devices have advanced further. That’s why HomeKit is among the top iOS app development trends. 

6. Wearables

Wearable gadgets like Fitbits and smartwatches are gaining a lot of attention in the market. There are around one billion connected wearables across the world. These devices have huge popularity because of their unique utility. In recent years, more iOS apps have been developed to cater to wearables. 

How do wearables benefit people? 

  • Track the overall health conditions- Wearables allow people to closely monitor their health conditions. For example, you can monitor blood pressure, oxygen rate, sleep quality, glucose level, and other health functions. Because of this, you can detect early signs of a health problem. Such wearables are extremely helpful for senior citizens or health-conscious people.
  • Track your fitness goals- People interested in leading a healthy lifestyle set specific targets for themselves. It is essential to know when those targets have been met. This is where wearables like Fitbits can help you. Track the number of steps you took or the number of calories you burnt. You will be able to analyze how well you are fairing with your new workout schedule.
  • Communicate easily- Wearable smartwatches have communication apps like telegram and slack, which means you can respond to messages without reaching your phone.
  • Stay on track- Now, you can stay on track with the tasks you have planned. Set reminders for tasks, and when the deadline is near, you will be notified through your smartwatch. This way, you will become more productive while working on a project.
  • Carry out daily tasks with more ease- With the help of wearable products, you can perform regular tasks like unlocking the car, making contactless payments, or answering texts quickly.

These are some of the uses of wearables and their function in the daily life of users. Therefore, there is a great scope for developing new apps for wearables. Furthermore, the number of people using these products is increasing daily. In this case, any business that can create apps that complement the product will profit immensely. 

7. iBeacon

Businesses can benefit from Bluetooth low-energy technology called iBeacon to improve their shopping experience. This technology works especially well in retail as the user can take immediate action. 

iBeacon can send highly targeted marketing messages to potential customers when they walk nearby your store. The marketing message may be about coupons, offers, or a reminder. Instead of communicating with customers when they are nowhere near your store, you can now make your marketing efforts more active. You can tempt potential customers to walk into your store and check it out. This technology has changed how businesses do marketing. 

iBeacon technology is not limited to the retail industry as it can be used by museums, motels, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, theme parks, schools, and other business locations. 

Earlier, you used to market your product or services before so that when customers had to make the decision, they may remember you. Now iBeacon has made everything dependent on the target customer’s location. If they are in your location, then you have a chance to do business with them instantly. You don’t have to wait for them to convert into a customer. 

If you run a hotel and your target customers drive around your location looking for a place to stay. Then your advertisement will not be seen as bothering or spam but as a solution. Beacons are being accepted as a new way of promoting a business, and apps powered by beacons will be in high demand. 

Closing notes

A lot of opportunities are open when it comes to iOS app development. Developing an app is not easy as the developers have to take care of the technical aspects and trends. However, some people can see the trends and how their businesses can benefit from them. Therefore, you should learn more about iOS app development trends if you want success.